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Artist: Nipsey Hussle
Album:  Bullets Ain't Got No Name, Vol. 3 (Mixtape)
Song:   Payback
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

These little girls are being murdered
Those leaders are being shot down in broad daylight

Now you tell me why the leaders of this struggle
have never teaching it before the United Nations

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
What it been
like six years still looking for Osama
You gone send more troops
that's no solution to the problem
With no evidence
y'all never found the bomber,
That Ain't stop y'all from killing Tookie or Sudama
Necessary evil
Ain't that the term you use
100 thousand sum thin soldiers went to serve for you
So you bury the people
And let em burn for you
Over some oil cause the issue ain't concerning you
Since 911 you've been talking about the threat we facing
And how you need a couple billion to protect the nation
But look come to my hood I'll show you desperation
Kids that are 13 like Devin brown with no explanation
Living in L.A every single day
It's a war going on outside no man is safe from
But since it's just niggas killing niggaz
You just turned prison to business,

[Chorus: x2]
I'm talking payback
I knew you bitch niggaz from way back
Witness who strap
When macks knew I wouldn't play that

[Verse 2]
You a blood
I'm a crip
You a tre
I'm a o
If you was raised off Slauson
You would be one to
Ya homeboys get low when they see me come threw
And they say that I ain't got crack
And that would be untrue
But every now and then I figure we can get back to
That black shit
Instead of killing and Banging for crack shit
We'll be acting
cause niggaz to stuck in they ways
I know we long overdue
But is we ready for change
Stand under one flag like an army bu-gay
Time to put the deuce deuce down
and pick up a k
And if we banging on some black shit
Let's ride for the dead homies
And get the burners
For Malcome
and Natt Turner
Talking to them other niggaz
Yea my so called interments
We don't own one block
We live
and die for these city streets
And even though the pain run deeper
A real nigga know it's time to make peace so we can focus on the

[Chorus: x2]
I knew you bitch niggaz from way back
Witness who strap
When macks knew I wouldn't play that

[Verse 3]
Fuck an injunction
I ain't violate nothing
If you put your hands on me
I'm a bust you I ain't running
On the real
All you crash Johnny's know the deal
And when we start the revolution
all u probably do is squeal
Automatic weapons on my back unconcealed
I don't care where you from
Real recognize real
Every step is like chess
Wrong move will get you killed
So we act on how we think
And never think on how we feel
I don't believe 911 was Osama
Cause 911 Bush made a Billion dollars
I herd him say gang violence was a problem
And he think that more prisons is a step to resolve it
But more prisons means the checks keep revolving
And it don't take a rocket scientist to see the conflict
You can't cover up the pain with fake progress
It's time to payback a porfit of the profit,

[Chorus: x4]
I knew you bitch niggaz from way back
Witness who strap
When macks knew I wouldn't play that