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Artist: Nipsey Hussle
Album:  Bullets Ain't Got No Name, Vol. 3 (Mixtape)
Song:   The Hussle Way
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Do I love it do I lust it
Struggle of a hustla
Life of a banger
And death is no stranger
I know em like it's ken to me took a few friends from me
It all make since one day eventually
I guess so
Granny said it happen and it's ment to be
Just let go
But I can't this shit keep itchin me like
Them niggas outta line how they came through
Shot em in his face point blank left his brains blue
Now who gone go for em
Probly be the same crew
When bangin is yo religion it's like it's sayin not to
A lot niggas ain't cut from that same cloth
They might give em space
Gotta play it safe
Cause hard niggas turn holy when they catch a case
I still bark real talk I'll never fake
On hide park late night still chop a 8th and grind with the homies
Serve dime with the homies

From dope spots peekin out blinds with the homies
still lookin for a better way
The smokers keep comin droppin work in they bucket
another day another dollar to make
And I be on the block
All night grindin
I don't take no breaks
I be on the block
All day grindin
I don't take no breaks
I be on the block
All night grindin
I don't take no breaks
Cause I do it the hustle way

[Verse 2]
I'm in a 85 regal no tent you see clear through
Young nigga
Lookin life in the rear view burner on my lap
Kush in my ash tray
And that's how I'm a play it till my last day
I''m used to gettin money in the fast lane
And I only fuck with bitches that be nasty
Leather and wood
My money is good
And I'm like a young celebrity in every hood
Gold ropes for the crew chrome spokes on my coupe two seater
Then I take off the roof like katrina
And slide like a vise up slauson in a beamer
Call me wut you want just don't call me a dreamer
Cause mines is reality
Grind no salary
I came along way from sellin grams off gramercy
Bolders off brindhurst
And sevens off slauson
Now I got options
Now I got it poppin


[Verse 3]
Take away my granny blessins I be history
Them bullets cause shot through my lac wouldn't have missed me
Come to my hood say my name I ain't no mystery
I'm probably in the spot fillin hustas energy
In the kitchen countin cash watchin cocain chemistry
Cookin into crack I wus look into rap
hard to focus on my dreams when I'm lookin at the facts
Shootin down the street now I'm lookin at my mack
And you can tell just lookin at the facts
it's a coffin or a cell if you young and you black
With ya name on it
Still every car pass bang on it
If you gone do it
Do it right and put that thang on you
You to deep in it to quit I know the pain of it
You love the game but knowin that the game doesn't love you back
love the fact this the same struggle
City to city we products of the same hustle