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Artist: Nipsey Hussle
Album:  Bullets Ain't Got No Name, Vol. 3 (Mixtape)
Song:   Diamonds
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Diamonds on my neck
Chrome drop top
Chillin' chillin' chillin'
Chillin' on the scene

Roll with a nickel nine playin' pickle with time
Cause I rather sit up with Shyne than lay stiff in the pine
Box niggas out daily, South Central crazy
Like an angry Israeli in a bullet proof Mercedes
Lyrically I'm Tracy McGrady
In a seven series beemer, blowin' kush and A/C
These fake niggas try and player hate me
Suicide, they gonna die when I give them phase three
Streets talkin', all about that nigga off Slauson
Get love from Eastside Watts to Westside Compton
Niggas know me in the Chi, two forties when I ride
Been a star way before my face showed up in the Vibe
Not to mention, all my different visits to the A
Been played, now my mission's, get this shit a different way
Each day symbolize the next level of the game
Bullets with no name, to keep the diamonds on my chain

[Chorus x4]

Break the beat up, wake the street up with my potent flow
To all my critics from before, now you know for sho'
These niggas wanna switch ships, 'cause they boat broke
I said no, sucker duck inside, stay afloat
These so-so ass rappers get no dough
In the presence of this hip-hop Jacque Cousto
Nip Hussle, I'm the freshest nigga you know
Got the Palazo Vove lookin' like a light show
Slauson boy, or even numero uno
Bitches on my dick like flies on a fruit bowl
I just take my pick and we slide in the two-door
Mix a little Goose with some Nuvo, you know
Then I pull up to your set like it's neutral
Hoppin' out the Jag, dressed like the planet Pluto
Yo, assumptions got you lookin' like a culo
It's all money in, I need mucho, to keep the

[Chorus x4]