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Artist: Nine f/ 3rd Eye
Album:  Cloud Nine
Song:   Richman Poorman (Act One)
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I use to be a richman
(Now i'm poorman)
I use to be a poorman
(Now i'm rich)
Because when I was a richman 
(I steped in the quick sand) 
Now i'm a poorman
(Ain't that a bitch)

verse one: Nine, 3rd Eye

Ayo what's up man 			
Strap on your vest 			
And meet me on the Grand Concourse      
We about to set it off
	yea who's the victim tonight 			
	Is he black or is he white
Nine:You know I can give a fuck son 
Green is what I like

[3rd Eye]					
I'll meet you around midnight 
I'm down to greed
Matter of fact i'm lacing up my boots right now
You know how we living and I ain't giving a fuck 
I'm out of luck and if I got to buck somebody	
Then what ever son 

We in this shit together
We ain't got a pot to piss in 
I'm sick of eating chicken 
It's finger licking 		
We on a mission 
Because my paradise ain't nice 
My advice is lets pull a heist	
My pockets ain't nice 
I need green

[3rd Eye]
I'm tired of being stuck between a rock and a hard place
Now it's time for me to taste a piece of the pie
I ain't trying to die broke 
You know what i'm saying nine
I'm goina go for mines even if it means I got to do crime
I'm goina find the way to get the kind of loot 
I need to be all that I can be and then some
And do what it takes for me to be a richman


verse two:

I'm telling you right now don't move a muscle 
Got my finger on the trigger 
I'm mad upset 
Don't make me have to smoke a nigga west
Hurry the fuck up pack the loot
One minute and counting and then we got to move to situation 22

[3rd Eye]
Yo bitch put that cash in the bag and make it fast
Get that finger off the button before I buck that ass
Grabed up the manager smacked him in the face open up the safe
(77779311 is the combination 
 Act like you know it's time to pay the black nation)
Now I got the loot time to jet
Anybody make a move and they getting wet   
Step to the door headed for the get away
Now we on the high way richer than a motherfucker  
Heading for the airport
Hope we don't get caught
Because we ain't going out like that
We one the road to riches and we ain't looking back black

chorus 2x

(Cop 1)					(Cop 2)
Freeze motherfucker
Hands, hands, let me see hands
					Get out of the car
Shut the fucking car off
Get out and eat some fucking dirt
					Get on the fucking ground