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Artist: Nicki Minaj f/ Brinx Billions, Lil Wayne
Album:  Queen
Song:   Rich Sex
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{"Chevi Music"}

[Brinx] Full blown, run rich, Brinx
[Nicki] Yo
[Wayne] Mula
[Nicki] Yo
[Brinx] Yeah
[Nicki] Aiyyo

[Nicki Minaj]
I know what these niggaz like, and it ain't my charm
I ain't stupid, this 250 on my arm
I like money more than dick, nigga that's a fact
You think pussy's everything? Well let's have a chat
A-a-ass out, pussy fat, point me to a rich nigga
Who gon' Rico, Ace me, +Pay in Full+ my money, Mitch nigga?
I'ma help him fuck the check up, I'ma run the business
If your girl don't get it poppin, put me on your wishlist
Hitlist, now he sendin gifts like if it's Christmas
He said "Baby, every day we ballin," I say "Swish swish"
Got him callin non-stop cause he don't wanna miss this
I said "Don't panic, keep the +Faith+ nigga, Big's bitch!"

[Chorus: Nicki Minaj]
(Real rich nigga sex) If you know your pussy worth a Benz truck
(Rich sex) Don't let homie fuck unless his bands up
(Rich sex) Go to D.R., get that fat transfer
(Rich sex) It ain't such a thing as broke and handsome
(R-rich sex) If you let that broke nigga fuck, we tellin
(Rich sex) If you let that broke nigga fuck, we tellin
(Rich sex) If you let that broke nigga fuck, we tellin
(Rich sex) If you let that broke nigga fuck, we tellin (rich sex)

[Lil Wayne]
Lil' mama said she only fuckin on a rich dick
I cum in her face and tell her, "Now you lookin rich, bitch!"
Her friend in the other room, can I get a witness?
We could have some rich sex, cannot have no rich kids
Facts, all my bitches have no limits
Fucked her in a helicopter, now she's screamin, "Sky's the limit!"
Fuck her in the drop top, now she's screamin, "Sky's the limit!"
Sent her back to who she with, now she's screamin, "Why I'm with him?"
Damn, lil' mama said she only suckin on a rich dick
Make you put your money where your mouth at, that's some lipstick
Let's fuck on the money 'fore we count that, that's some rich shit
Pussy smell like money when I'm down there, that's some Nick' shit


[Nicki Minaj]
Rich who? Got bricks too
The rich get richer, that's my ritual
Rich crew, link my bitch too
Mack took the Wraith, me and Tune flew

[Outro: Nicki Minaj] + (Brinx Billions)
(Haha, I don't even know where we goin these days, where we landin)
(Queen, where we goin again?)
To the moon Alice, the goon palace
(We don't get fly, we take flight, haha!)
Woo! Haha, hahaha (uh)
Ahh-hahh-hahh, AHHH-HAHHHH, haha!
You mad doggie? You mad doggie? Haha
Next stop, New York
Hahaha, rrrrr!