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Artist: New Boyz f/ Tyga
Album:  Too Cool to Care
Song:   Active Kids
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You wanna get active
I don't really care lil' mama what's the deal
You got a nice body, I'm hungry now baby tell me how you feel

[Ben J]
Because if you ain't there we can do foreplay
Girl let's kick it like soccer like Jorge
And have fun in this house, call it horseplay
She like a nigga with some cake like a birthday
Not a little scrawny little nigga doin four days
But don't get me wrong, I'm skinny with a dope shape
This girl tell me skinny niggaz got the bigger dicks
Because I pulled out mine and it was big as shit
I never speak high league on you little kids
And when I say little, I'm talkin big kids
Your bitch will let you talk shit you wear her lipstick
Your girl call me ice cream cause that big stick
You wonder why I got a nickname and you didn't
She says you barely even hit it, I give her the best
Man you live for this chick, you feel for this chick
But when I come around her crib, I go in on this chick

[Chorus: Ben J]
You wanna get active, or wanna get chill
I don't really care lil' mama what's the deal
You got a nice body, you lookin like a meal
I'm hungry, now baby tell me how you feel?
She tryna run from me, then she brought it back to me [4x]

Ah! Shit bang bitch, active
Put ya flog in the coupe, money in the mattress
Can't fuck this chick, cause she crazy like my last bitch
Might let you get a taste, go on tell your girlfriend
So icky wet, really really she a fan
I really want to put her on, but it's no hands
Overnight celebrity off the slow jam, bad to the bone, bone baby you want it
So Spanish, eat it if it's Spanish, no bandana, bang my hammer
But the girl's gettin gooey and the Gucci all wow
Grab your legs, Louie fuck you when you're all gown
Oww, aye pass on to Ben J
In the rose red mirror, she a devil with a waist
Last king, pharaoh, motherfucker in the game
These niggaz ain't thorough, throw it up in your face, ay


I told her she gotta watch it if she skied on knees
I got that enervated dick cause she sleep on me
I close the curtains she go nuts, no common sense
She goin German on the blowjobs like {*erkk*} and shit, ugh!
If you gotta go, then we can do it in your car
She said my pipe is meaner than a common (?)
Of course I'm wearin latex but first I made her taste it
I went down and did the same shit, make the kitty go like trey pens
My mouth be gettin all weirdo on the clit, lick tongue lick it
Tell me I'm a pharaoh on the head "Well done"
Get it? I made it rain bitch, now get at me somethin
She said her name was Paris, and this that Dirty Money!
Please don't be without a sleeve
Cause you might get burned like Cleveland 23
Roll blind says a cider eye, Blind Side bastard
YM, 100, West Side, Active