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Artist: Nelly
Album:  The Champ (S) *
Song:   The Champ
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* also used promotionally for ESPN's bowl coverage

Ever since I was a kid I've been dreamin 'bout this
First day of practice I was thinkin 'bout this
Picture on the news, yeah they see 'bout this
Even in the paper they gon' read 'bout this
Cause all of my life, trainin day and night
I'm preparin to fight, for everyone that believed in me
Crowds goin insane, yeah they screamin our name
While we sprayin champagne, nothin nobody can say

Cause today, is the day
Is the day that I have always dreamed of
And forever
When you call me, you call me the champ
of the world, I can raise my hands
I can scream I'm the best in the world
Whole world
All my blood sweat and grind was all for this time

Lap after lap and mile after mile
Push up after push up everybody count it out
Everybody up and now we back down
All my pain and sweat was for this moment right now
All from different places well we came with each other
We came together as a team but we leavin as brothers
Standing next to one another while we hold up our colors
I'ma look into the camera tell my momma I love her

[Chorus] - 3X