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Artist: Nelly f/ Jung Tru, King Jacob
Album:  The Longest Yard Soundtrack
Song:   Errtime
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[Intro: Jazze Pha]
Ladies and gentlemen, ladies-and-gentlemen
This is a Jazze Phizzle, producshizzle

[Hook: Nelly]
You see, errtime the beat go (beat go), I need you to shake that thang girl
Yeah, errtime the beat go (woah, woah, woah, woah)
You see errtime the beat go (beat go), I need you to break that thang girl
You see errtime the beat go (woah woah woah woah)
Won't ya, break it down, break it down for me
Don't run out of gas girl
Break it down, break it down for me
Don't run out of gas girl

[Verse 1: Nelly]
See his hat cocked, can't see his eyes, who could it be?
With the blue STL on, who that but me?
Who else behind the tints of the new GT?
The continental all blue got them feeling real blue
Till they stomachs stick too, for real, they grossed out
19's I come, 22's poke out
Just to see when they roll out, I'm killing the folks now
His money just +Chingy+, my money it fold out
Man, this happened Vegas, and they hit me for a mil' worth
How many rappers man can tell you what a mil' worth
All my life damn worrying bout a meals worth


[Verse 2: Jung Tru]
Deafer than Jermaine, you can say that I'm So-so
Player Taylor Made, that's a no no
Sure it a Aftermath, but I ain't a doctor
Squad full of B.G.'s, city full of them choppers
Way more game than the kid in the G-unit
Cracks by the gram an hour, that's a G-unit
Like Ciara when I'm kicking them +Goodies+
Cause I'm Jazze like Pha with a tank in the hoody
I'm like...

[Verse 3: King Jacob]
Yeah, better make your mind up
Ain't see her by now, you ain't go find her
She looks good, but she looks finer like (woah *4X*)
Yeah, King Jakob you ain't gotta know me
But you soon will, cause you gotta know me
Got that type to make your mama OD
Like (woah *4X*)


[Verse 4: Nelly]
Okay, now let me see you do it baby
Don't be, afraid go now
Don't be, ashamed of how you do it just
(Woah *4X*)
See I'm tired of playing games
With niggaz with money names
For real, money you lame
I put you money to shame
This ain't cynical
This ain't subliminal
I'm physical, financial, and mental to be a general
Why, lil mama case you want a (Soldier!)
Not the type that's in a tank but in a (Rover!)
Yeah man you at the game ordering refreshments (where you at?)
I'm on the floor watching my investments
Buttoned up some call it grown up look
I like to call it having money that fold up look
That Don Perignon, Cristal cold up look
Got her (woah woah woah woah)