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Artist: Nelly f/ David Banner, Eightball, Sky, St. Lunatics
Album:  Da Derrty Versions  The Reinvention
Song:   Air Force Ones (David Banner Remix)
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(Haha, hahahaha.. David Banner!)

[Chorus One: St. Lunatics]
[Murphy] I said  give me two pairs
[Kyjuan] Cause  I need two pairs
[Ali]    So I  can get to stompin in my Air Force Ones
[Nelly]  Big boys  stompin in my Air Force Ones, I said

[David Banner  over Chorus One]
You have now reached St. Louis
By the way of the mighty Mississippi
It's David Banner biatch, "Air Force Ones Remix"

[Chorus Two 4X: David Banner] + (Sky)
I'm walkin in my Air Force Ones
(Tell me about them, you need them)
I'm walkin in my Air Force Ones
(Them Air Force, Ones) {"Big boys"}

[David Banner]
I got them Ones with the Gucci on the side, don't trip
It's the same as the seats off in my ride, raw hide
School or die, so I dipped it out - black, black
Big swooshes restin candy on the 'Llac, dig that
No daps if you steppin on my Air Force Ones
I got, Puerto Rican flags, I'll be Big Pun
Big boys, big bustas all look like me
Fuck around with Lavell I'll make ya read these like this
Bitch for fuckin with me
Man they turn nice guys by fuckin for free
Like blew me up, don't comin down cause he straight up a G
Man there's 3 o'clock girl, Nina POP for me
A straight pimp, yeah!

[Chorus Two]

Yo, big Ball comin through, look what Banner went and done
Big boys from the Lou', got me chokin on some bum
Walkin on clouds in my Air Force Ones
Make it loud, ain't no tellin what big Ball gon' come with
Bought a pair of kicks, every player gotta go and get
fresh pair of tight whites, go with any outfit
Nelly where them hoes at? Shoot your boy somethin sick
Pretty face, red bone, talented with big lips
Man, we out the frame in this damn thang
Three country niggaz linked together like a icy chain
Hit your town, blaze it up and burn it down
Big Ball straight from Memphis, keep it pimpin and I'm out

[Chorus Two]

[Chorus One]

[Nelly  over Chorus One]
Uhh.. uhh, whattup Mo?
This here for e'rybody, knowhatI'msayin?
Tell that nigga J.T. I said whattup from the crooked letter

Now I done heard they got them Forces down in Mississippi
I even heard down in Memphis dirty ballers hit me
He said it's on and poppin, cause he the fat mack
Girl you heard what he said, go put that 'gnac back
You drinkin Grey Goose, Pimp Juice combination
It's for any nigga whose city used to be a plantation
C'mon and stomp wit it, I said stomp wit it
Go on leave a hole in the flo', don't be no punk wit it
Call it a Derrty Entertainment thang, Ball and David Banner thang
"Pimp Juice," "Like a Pimp," "Space Age Pimpin" thang
We hold it down for country folks, shit we in the same boat
Trip and get that Force One print on your throat
It's no joke {*echoes*}

[Chorus Two]

[Nelly  over Chorus Two]
Uh-oh, uh-oh, big boy
Uh-uh, oh-oh
Shout to Memphis, yeah.. oh!
Chi-Town, Mississippi, Cleveland
South Dakota, North Dakota, uh
South Carolina, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Indiana

[Chorus One]

[Nelly  over Chorus One]
I said stomp wit it, go 'head and stomp wit it
Go on leave a hole in the flo', don't be no punk wit it
I said stomp wit it, I said stomp wit it
Go on leave a hole in the flo', don't be no punk wit it

[Chorus One]

Hey, big boy
Yeah, David Banner, Eightball
We out lil' derrty, E.N.T.!

Big boy.. big boy.. big boy.. big boy.. big boy..