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Artist: Necro
Album:  The Pre-Fix for Death
Song:   The Dispensation of Life and Death
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Do you want me to be the guy your trying to make me?
Do you want me to be the guy that orders people to die?
Do you want me to be Dispensation of life and death?
You convicted me for dispensating life and death
the Fucking United states can't even do this
*sample end*

Nothin like a dead pastor, splattered all over concrete like plaster
Im sabath I blast from this disaster
I provide you with intricate, Sadistic shit
To guide you but diss the click, we'll divide you like arithmatic
Ridin with the pistol grips sliding down low in conspicuous
Were not sliding the biscuit clip
Buck at your release bullets inside you bitch
And if your in a car we'll pull upside of it
You know the rest, the pressure hurts
Bumped in your chest again, you'll be using your best efforts
Tuckin your intestines in, like dress shirts
A proffesional hit, your fucked like molested kids in church
Were cave beings, we crave seeing death like arabians
Stabbing your flesh like Linda Coursavien
Numerous punctures, its humourous how a human crumbles when juxed
Thats how the universe functions

[Chorus X2]
You'll live as long as I let you
You owe me your life
You'll die as soon as I give the order to get you
Kill 'em
Life and death the facts it will always get you
Knife and tacts the tools use to affect you

I have the ability, to mentaly deatatch myself from emotion
And the agility to dementadly slash your flesh with a motion
During a comotion whats occuring is a promotion
When I crack you in public, all you see is the blur of an explosion
Im pure corrosion of conformity, I love deformity
Like slice faces like shrapnel from bunkers in normandy
I observe you as non existant
the nerve of you to think your sadistic
Your an assistant
The piss ant
An unrealistic a bitch ass, you kiss ant
A dumb sistic vibrosic spastic that piss in his pants
If you see a stranger, stabbing a stranger
Dont get involved that shill will be stranger
When your in danger, of your life being taken
Over something, that wasnt a major concern of yours
Now your in surgery, cause an your artery got cut with a razor
Ya played yaself you walk your line in life
Dont go batty, this rap I kick is deep like the shit Manson told Patty

Chorus x2

*sample* This sensation of life and death

*sample* This sensation of life and death