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Artist: Treach
Album:  Tall Midget (S)
Song:   Tall Midget (Vin Rock Diss)
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Trigga Tribe
Take it from the top of the titty! (Not the nipple)
You will only hear this, in yo' top {?}
Sa-LUTE! (He's banned from us)
Lord Jesus Christmas...

Industry Rule #100 is funny
Tall midgets get short money!
Industry Rule #100 is funny
Tall midgets get short money!

Don't bite the hand that feed you, that's exciting fightin
Shoulda done Celebrity Ghost Stories for all my ghostwritin
I can't, fire the owner cause it's me and my DJ
Get a grown-man time-out, I'm out, buy my swag on eBay
Cash I, get it, grab it, feel the punishment from the savage
Legend lyrical lord they call you Uncle Ad-Lib
Harlem Shake shook off f'real, you so breezy!
Starvin for press, that's why he went and wiggled his wee-wee
My, back-up plan is fuck a back-up man, I'm back
Need to call my nigga Busta, buy Spliff Starr off his contract
Never last ya joke, better DIP the yoke
I'm everlasting, bro! Ya ghetto PASS revoked


Stop bitchin, stop trippin, stop riffin
I'm not listen, stop listen, stop sniffin
You out of my army, can't harm me, or alarm me
Fuck ya fat-ass, you a bagel away from Barney
You wack rapper, backstabber, so greedy
I'll make it so they'll never see yo' wack-ass on TV, eat me!
Time to find yo' own zone, watch yo' tone
Naughty Gear, was niggaz throwin you a bone, homes
I hate the leech lurkin off of what I build
Cause I real, now I'm doin side deals that I feel
Many of dudes, love the end of the groove
It's the ending of you, Mr. Winnie the Pooh