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Artist: Naughty By Nature f/ Cruddy Click, Road Dawgs & Kandi Kain
Album:  Poverty's Paradise
Song:   Connections (Bonus Track)
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Fuck the toughest I'm danger-ous its rowdy 
motherfuckers are up and outty the roughest sucker plucker since they found me 
Openin' up a can of clash clicks six-packs of ass whips, pints 
and fifths of asses, burnt to ashes
You've been spined, twisted, blistered and spun up in and lifted
shit boy ya free paper bum it's called I got connections, like Poonanny to erections
I saw selected sets son for my selection stretchin' sections etchin' and sketchin'
to revive, reset and then set inspections 
for the wet ones to the next ones, yes one, step son and get one 
Comin' from behind is the line yours for a nine war
Walk nigga mind yours, of crime wars will find yours
The hot one will spot one, shock one and stop one
Crews will conquer as tough as Tonka now I got one

I got connections, huh, huh, no question, huh
I got connections; I get that ass stuck like glue
I got connections, huh, huh, no question, huh
I got connections; I get that ass stuck like glue --> Method Man

(Road Dawgs)
State of shock, it's a greater plot that made us stop 
the thunder from with under will make the whole of cradle rock, hah
Ken Boogie just hit me on the horn in California 
Born in Fort July Fourth you're sworn to bangin' and warrin' 
Road Dawgs you assume right first draft kick 
practic tactics of a great Western-type saloon fight 
Caution - courage what I bring when I approach this 
Punks stays focused notice devotions and commotion's of cruddy's corrosive 
Top gun and explosive motion East Coastin' deep 
throughout notions of all the shops I'm closin'

Aiyyo, I play emcees like this I look 'em in the eye I know he's tense 
And I break him like a bitch so I know there's no defense 
So at night when I creep, only want 'em, while he's awake not asleep 
By the way all I seek all I keep, so don't sleep

(Cruddy Click)
Nigga what's the realest?
Rap pillars got the power to blow up spots from here to the Watts Tower 
Niggas can feel us, do you wanna deal us?
It be the illest in Naughty it takes a fool to learn that love don't love nobody
My department be collections remember that 
Love Child got connections ain't no motherfuckin' question

(Road Dawgs)
I'm deep with a vicious vendetta 
Silence prospectors, objectors to my lectures constructed as architecture 
Expressions of terror shakin' cold fingers of fear careers I spear 
Prepare for a year full of nightmares

Get 'em back and don't come near me
When appraochin' me come sincerely I don't fear the
others that don't like that I stack papers, yearly
Merely mentioned men they don't come steppin' to Vin
Anywhere I go, everywhere I flow
I'm bringin' it back home to my twins and I got friends 
And friends don't let their friends drive drunk 
So I suggest you grab your friends before I go and pop my trunk 
And best believe I come correct so yo, WHAT YOU WANNA DO?

I got connections; I get that ass stuck like glue --> Method Man

Aiyyo what up nigga I here you the man now yo 
(Yo whattup my nigga you know I ain't the man 
but I got connections (right) for you what you need?)
Yeah, yeah, yo, yo check this out 
I need you to handle a little something for me though on the real though
(You know I might not can't slip and do that right now
but I got somebody to come through)
Nah, nah, nah, yo, yo I need you to take care of it man
(Yo I put this on everything I love man, it's real sneaky, sister hood
Females sneak up in here and come through (yeah) 

(Kandi Kain)
235 degrees and the mics about to be freezin'
Emcee season on those who treason 
I'm droppin' drinks like a pint of cool breeze, then
Intoxication, a million copies in circulation 
Just a small indication to let you know Kandi Kain 
equals no intimidation on this naughty demonstration 
Eighteen plus a hundred niggas that I run wit 
on that one shit keepin' you outnumbered
Collidin' with perfection, every direction can't pay enough protection
Cause I got the Illtown to Inglewood connections (*echoes*)