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Artist: Navon Smith
Album:  Fear (S)
Song:   Fear
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We live in a time of fear
fear of weather
fear of war fear of death
fear of deformities and fear of enslavement
and subjection by the luciferians sons of the morning
these plagues are not coming they are here

Be alarm
Ima psychological flash back from Vietnam
study everything from the Aztecs to genghis khan
to the Pyramids on mars
a lyricist evolved
on a pilgrimage from GOD serious like the Star
in the Canis Major Hiphop I am your savoir
kids singing that's mindless behavior
it's all love minus the haters.... Time to wake up the choosen few
those of you that will listen your time is over due
fuck are we pose to do
run rampant while they destroying the planet
visuals of satanic rituals project in our living room access granted
the mark of the beast nigga you've been branded
this ain't hamlet more like Horus the children of Atlantis
snuck out of the forest and on to the Forbes list

So come and let us perform this great ceremony of the resurrection
of the dead gods for they have been dead for long enough
and their imprisonment before the blinding light of misinformation must end
you are more opt to be blinded by light then you are by darkness
the state in which GOD was he and they said let there be light

As darkness falls
watch them all
flock and fall carefully arch their skulls
to the masses to ask us if we can pass them the law
but it ain't meat to take from the children and cast to the dogs
learned that from The Lord
Jesus Christ the key to life
is you are what you think nigga think Nigga
if you don't like what you've become than think bigger
think too big and they say you need a shrink nigga
I ain't crazy just a kid from the 80's aunt use to push ah Mercedes
kept loot brought Sergio tacchini sweat suites for her babies
we don't talk much but I know I owe her greatly
so don't mistake me for a nut
unless you talking bout the nut that was buss after my father got up
which brings me to my mother cause that's how you got fucked
they ain't use protection and that's how you got us..... Fear

As the clock of destiny tics on
and nature manifests her judgement out of darkness
the unseen
the unknown
the unapparent  yet ever existing
Man is light and woman is darkness
her fertilization in her ovaries
or ovum takes place in the darkness of her womb
but the sperm produced by the male must be ejaculated outward
to ejaculate is to separate the life
from the inner being and put it outside of ones self
how ever the orgasm as in the word organ
takes place inside of the woman in tripple darkness
this is the best kept secret that is best kept sacred up until now
the True God is the Mother...