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Artist: Nate Dogg f/ Psyke
Album:  Road Kings Soundtrack
Song:   Special Part of Me
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[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
Special part of me
Special part of me
Special part of me
Special part of me

[Verse 1: Psyke]
I love it when you thug from out the driveway
Straight down the Ave. swervin' my way
You gotta a nigga blessin' my heart it's rushin'
So you blew me and kissed me no doubt I'm fuckin' (really doe)
Acknowledge the fact with your point
Contemplate the sex with Hen and fat joints
It's just another day in me and my life (so special)
Are you the one for my wife

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]

[Verse 2: Nate Dogg]
Girl I gotta know
Have you ever said I'm goin' out with my girl
Never made it home
Have you ever went about as far as you go
Then you went some mo'
Have you ever did somethin' oh so bad
But oh it felt so good (so good, so good)
Have you ever been hangin' out with your friends
And wished it never would end
I need to know
Can you handle this, I hit my sixteen switch
Half of the way home (home, whole way home, home, home, home)
Have you ever seen, the way this gangsta leans
To come and swerve with me
Don't let nobody worry me
All there's always be, in the back of my jeep
The night was filled with ecstasy
I mean literally, but my weed has seeds
Don't let nothin' worry me
I know I'm interesting, it's that Hennesey
And I give you a bit

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]

[Verse 3: Psyke]
Just you're beautiful face alone
It's what I'm thinking while I'm puffin' in a zone
So I call just to see if it's on
Tick, tock when I clock she ready to bone
Allnight until the early morn
Wake up baby girl I'm takin' you home
In fact get in back of the escalade
You won't track like that it's time to get paid (paid)

[Chorus 2X: Nate Dogg]