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Artist: Nate Dogg f/ Daz
Album:  G-Funk Classics Vol. 1/Gang Related soundtrack 
Song:   These Days
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(Chorus) x2
These days, you gotta be strapped
I'm already knowin ain't nobody got my back
these days you gotta be down
who said it was easy claiming Dogg Pound

I believe I got good skills
we been makin music since we were kids
its all I wanna do, for life
keepin it real until the day I die
I stay funkish in my way
continue to mash and dont forget to pray
I keep my hand on my steel
because I love my life and I always will
whatever people say to me
I take it in stride I'm thinkin negro please
If you really don't know me
then you best back up, I suggest strongly
they started this DPG
until the day I D-I-E
for my L-I-F and E
no matter where I look thats all I see
and I know...

(Chorus) x2

Many women cling to me
I think it's because they see me on BET
Cause everybody knows my name
All the police think I'm servin game
jealous niggaz call us out
but I don't worry long as I hear their mouths
If ever they decide to kill
Tou better be prepared cause I know I will
I think I can guarantee
You don't wanna be standin next to me
before my final curtain call
I feel safe sayin it won't be long
if we bump this in the streets
or even at some party
you niggaz really can't see me
my request is that you stop trying
before I let go...

Chorus x2
[Daz Dillinger]
Everyday, the 45 stays on deck for whoever 
I bustin takin now bowin down never
gotta watch my back for these coppers
as well as the niggaz that I kick it with
they stick you faster than these bitches will
since I'm pimpin everybody wants my riches
and I can't keep a dime for buyin weed yakin everytime
I smoke constantly and it calms for me
from commitin the murders so I chill and puff the herb
Who gots my back nobody
If little giant gaudy layin niggaz down at the homey's party
always be goin crazy I guess we are bein who we are
really say the nigga gotta be a star
I gots tah get mine and if I'm blastin its my destiny
if I die then it was meant to be intentionally
worry stressin no guessin your profession
when the murder take place it was self protection

[Chorus] - 4X to fade