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Artist: Nate Dogg
Album:  G-Funk Classics Vol. 1 (Ghetto Preacher)
Song:   Crazy, Dangerous
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[Nate Dogg] (Nancy Fletcher)
Now life for me (Life for me)
livin on the streets (On the streets)
used to be, hectic, scandalous (Scandalous)
The people I meet (people I meet)
when I'm on these streets (On these streets)
They can be, crazy, and dangerous (And dangerous)
When you're broke as you can be
And you're on them streets
You have to be, cunning, homey
Keep your hand (Keep your hand)
on the Hardest Man (Hardest man)
Or you may be, a dead man

	Crazy, dangerous (x4)

	Craa-azy, dangerous (x4)