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Artist: Nas f/ Breeze, Candyman, Conscious Daughters, Ice-T, KAM, King Tee, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Threat
Album:  Where Are They Now? (Remix CD)
Song:   Where Are They Now? (West Coast Remix)
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This is the Court DJ Exclusive....

Aiyyo, check it out
This is Nas, is Hip-Hop dead or is it still alive?
Ha ha ha, well, check it out
Right about, I'm ridin' with my homies from the West Side
West Coast   ------>
Showin' love
West Coast   ------>
I asked where are they now?
West Coast   ------>
2007, they right here, here, here

Where are they now? -----> KAM

Yo, it's time to rhyme, keep it in mind
I'm gifted, with the script, the dough, the lift
And if it's, rough enough to keep the crowd 
Wonderin' Breeze and L.A. Posse, Where Are They Now?
Still layin' in the land of the Palm Trees
Warm breeze, sippin' on Don Pees, still chillin' with King TEE
Snore on MCin, pass the CVs creen
Gettin' money of the words I spit, yo, Still Gee-in' 
Still the young somber, now, a nigga got a baby girl
Tryin' to raise her right and guide her through this crazy world
Still got a slow flow, and fast rap snow
Swervin' twenty years, still gettin' asked about cheques
Still, spittin' the truth, when I mention the youth
On how they be professional, when they step in the booth
And never coppin' the Mic, so you can hear me clear
Nas wondered, yo, where are they now?
I'm right here G

Goddamn, that nigga KAM back on the scene
With the O.G. west, on the same team
Hittin' corners in a Six Trey Choverlet
Rag-Top Impala, gettin' Dollars everyday
For pushin' heavy Yay, through this Rap Shit
Fuckin' with niggaz I done put L.A. on the Map wit
So that the Legacy'll last long
We're givin' it up, for all the homies that done passed on
And can you check Bobcat file
He can tell you who we are, what we did and where we at now
This bullshit, nigga's tired of that
Fools runnin' their mouths, so Where the South side riders at?

[Chorus: Breeze, KAM, Nas, King TEE]  
Everybody is talkin' about the South and the East Coast
But what about the West Coast?
West Coast ---->
Everybody is talkin' about this South and the East Coast
But what about the West Coast?
West Coast yeah, Nas's ridin' with you right here
The Who?
West Coast

[King TEE]  
Aiy, aiy, watch your resurrect from the jump
House shoes, Khaki suit, wild gauge pump
Black Raider hat with Bitch Please on the side
Central and Green leaf, Nineteen Eighty nine  
Just in time, King TEE pushed the line
The G's had to have it, Eazy and 'Dre have it
I was a damn fool, now dudes wanna act it
Where Are They Now? - he's still active
We go back like the Jerry Curl Shag
We pull this from the Gate, Battle cat was from the Aves
I was in that green 64 with the Rag
Pull back, and slow motion, Tila show's openin'
They're lookin' for that West Coast Torjan
Thought to be an X-ed out but I'm just postin'
Blessed to be the best, that cracked the West Coast open
King Tila back mothafucker, it's a rap

[The Candyman] 
Ugh, Ugh, The CA- to the N-D-Y-The-M-A-N
I still nut in your mouth, not in your hand
I love to hear the story, again and again
But it originated from this man, The Candyman
Damn, it feels good to hear my West Coast pears
Makes me wanna shed a tear for the ones who ain't hear
I was just a young player in this Westside streets
Motivated to be innovator like Ice-T
King TEE, Toddy TEE, R.I.P. that Mix-Master-Spade
MC Trouble, Lootie, Part DEE
And it's a trip to witness trap Rack
Brought up on that first album cover with Eazy-E doin' that shit wayback
Hell yeah, we need a new West, Dirty South respects
I remember doin' shows out there
They never tripped of the West Side
Spendin' all their chips at the best buyin'
Givin' like they just don't care

[Deadly Threat]  
No more snakes can get away
Dumpin' with them funky rhymes
Yet, that's MC Deadly Bet, they play them on the Radio all the time
I love my folks, I love my G's
They can't kill Cali' - they love my weed
West Coast done it, East Coast did it
Then the South came with it like let's go get it
Threat, go and spit it like the ones before
The Battle Grammy came and took all the glory
I got an Army like Uncle James, K-Dee, AY pumped the jam
Bobcat, Battle Cat and DJ Pooh, L.A. - S.C. but we say Zoo
It's still never rained or snowed in Cali'
We're gettin' blunted in the back of the boilin' Alley, like..

[Chorus: Breeze, KAM]
Everybody is talkin' about the South and the East Coast
But what about the West Coast?
West Coast ---->
Everybody is talkin' about the South and the East Coast
But what about the West Coast?
Where are they Now?

This is it, dope from the fly kid
Ice Berg bang for the West, servin' the life bid
West Side nigga, for life, Ride-Or-Die
I get so Gangster, I stay so fly
Saggin' my Khakis, raggin' my flag
Nigga break out the gun, bitch, let's play tag
Everyday in the street, some body called be Cube
I tell him that's my loved one, but this Ice-T, dude
I come from that Crenshaw stripped, you heard?
Sway cripped up chrome when the 64 lift up
It's hard to rock a party, L.A. don't like nobody
Nigga's rather pump the trucks and dump shotie 

[Sir Mix-A-Lot]
I'ma show my nigga Nas, what I got in my garage
Yeah, I'ma publishin' this large
What a Fountains in my yard
The Posse left Broadway to get them on the glass
I got class, but still I like the fat ass
Mix-A-Lot sheenin' with this S-Class gleamin'
Aggressive Pimp leanin, marked the game like the Demon
From Tvs to Movies, Hollywood use my shit
Seven figure years keep comin, who's your pimp?
F4-30 with this black battle shifters
That's made of out bliffter, I'm still takin' pictures
And I'm lovin' all you sisters, Mix'll never disrespect you
West Side vet, you need your paper, I'll connect you

[Chorus: The Conscious Daughters, King TEE]
Everybody is talkin' about the South and the East Coast
But what about the West Coast?
West Coast ---->
Everybody is talkin' about the South and the East Coast
But what about the West Coast?
The who?

[The Conscious Daughters] 
The West Coast
It's the rhyme spittin' team
You never hittin, the legendary, all time great
phenomenon female, monarch, hittin' charts
Flowin' automatic nines, spittin' shoe like darts
Blowin' bitches apart
It's The Conscious Daughters, still stompin' over soil
Holler at your folks, the females that's royal 
Bay Area, OG's, still gettin' cheese 
Like besidin' all the block with 'Pac and Eazy-E (*echoes*)