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Artist: Nas
Album:  One Million Strong, Vol. 2: Love Peace & War
Song:   We March as Millions
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"It's much more than a march
It will be the beginning of a movement
Millions more movement; let us begin"

"Tell us what you hear"

Dear people of the globe
I hope that you're in good health
By the time my voice hit you
I hope in all wells with you
My mission is to bail with you
Touch upon some real issues
Senators, Government Officials
Sit at the conference and listen
Have a Coke or mineral water and say I'm reminiscing
George L. Jackson, Malcolm X last win when I'm rapping
Americans, Africans, Asians, Russians, and Arab men
Send your clergymen to journey with Nas from Queens, projects
I promise an unforgettable experience
compare me with, Amenhotep get in more debt
History was stolen, get in my zone
what makes the power that beef? less gangsta then Al Capone
The Rosetta stone was stolen like Chicago was
Think I'm a thug?, let's talk about some conquerors
Napoleon, Sun Tzu, Genghis Khan
Hitler, Edi Amin, Attila the Hun
Let's bring back to the cat that invented the gun
From the Indians all the way to the Pentagon
I'm sitting on Capitol Hill
I'm composing this rhyme, guaranteed to make all of y'all feel
The beauty that was trapped under siege
Believe in yourself you'll be free, take it from me

[Voice Samples]
"We will not surrender or we will not back down, we keep overacting"
"Throw up a fist for black power" <--Nas
"Tell us what you hear"
"Why do we march? to protest Government policy
We march because it's time to fight back
We march for education"
"Throw up a fist for black power" <--Nas
"Tell us what you hear"
"Why do we march? we march to save the soul of America"

The rejection of what's right could mean you in denial
It either breaks you or makes you becomes hostile
I swallow many lives before tasting the truth
In the beginning there was darkness, beautiful you
How will life be without night?, no tranquility?
No way to get away and rest, no stability?
I can't see the sky without the moon and the stars
The sunlight; blocking everything thinking I'm involved
People worship the Madonna in the shrines in Spain's
I'm proud to share the same blood type in veins
The holy mother -- the loneliest color remains
Can't be tampering, die and loot in the chains
They try make you not want it, make you run from it
The wickedest men, want the ebony punished
It's so seductive, it's sensuous in my clutches
Hot as fire when Moses saw burning bushes
So abused and misused and mistreated
Naked men wanna get drunk and get weed it
People wild when she comes out pull out and party
Catch her body, fornicate some start beef
Chain reaction 'cause it's in the air
The lost tribe scattered everywhere
From the North thru West Hemisphere
Scientist and Archaeologist conceal the obvious
the dead, living and little children over time of this
Obsession, caressing, every essence of magnetism
every organism when it come to it
All question about Resurrection and your connection with God
It's answered with the beast in your heart

[Voice Samples]