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Artist: Nas
Album:  Grand Theft Auto IV Soundtrack
Song:   War Is Necessary
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War is necessary
War brings pain
But war is necessary 
War brings peace
Cause war is necessary
Getcha warriors up
Cause my niggas are war ready
War brings hate
(Esco let's go let's go let's go)

War is necessary
War brings pain
(Esco let's go)
Getcha warriors up
Cause my niggas are war ready
My niggas war ready

[Verse 1]
Staring at the face of my watch, its like a crystal ball
With the ability to make the issue stall 
I told my man duck, cause I know where the missile fall
Cause the ice is a fortune teller for the rich or small
Went to my man's crib who dead and saw his picture fall
I picked it up, his voice whispered nigga ball
So I smoke the finest, (85 for the ocean liners?)
I do it for the have not's of (?) 
That resembles screen savers on ya lap tops 
And they cant believe it like seeing that nigga's (ab?) drop
I be in Cameroon bandanas on silk Dior 
Sip cream liqueur, green and blue FLIA velour's suits
Boss smooth, the only thing I endorse duke 
Stash houses, gamble, I don't sweat a (loss/lost) (troop?/lawsuit?)
(All true in living god?) we was here first
Parisian linen ...

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Who's crew was realist? Shot up the movie theaters
Time square, 88 who's crew was in it
(Photographed was?) sittin on wood wicker chairs
40oz in the lap, givin off wicked stares 
Punch out kings, bustin pistols in the air 
Hangin out a Cutlass Supreme window like "bitch come here"
Girls cussin back at us with the fattest asses 
Like "who you callin bitch little black bastards"
We had to wave the flag, here come they baby dad 
Drug dealers in the crazy jag looking crazy mad 
They all thought they was sparkle, fucking killer men
But we was all black seeds as Fred Williamson
It was so simple.
Now I'm refelctin in this gold Enzo
Face it, my favorite trinket was that Teddy riley guy bracelet
So now its fly shit I'm draped in. Customized shit I'm makin

[Repeat Chorus]