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Artist: Nas
Album:  Life Is Good
Song:   No Introduction
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{J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League}
PS 111 had free lunch, embarrassed but managed to get a plate...
We was kids hungry, mom's workin, I was famished, she gettin home late...
So I decided now I'm in charge, either stay full or starve
Corner store like, "Mister, spare a quarter" 
Before Air Jordans, Kareem Abdul-Jabbars 
Tryin to cop quarters and tryin to move that hard 
Roll with a shooter squad
How could I not succumb? How could I not partake?
Fifteen I got a gun, sixteen I robbed a train
Licked off a shot for fun, what's got inside my brain?
A hustler's job ain't done, 'til he becomes a king
But I'm a righteous son, despite I'm in the mist of
dudes who switch up and change, they want to carry me 
like I'm some kind of lame, I never let 'em though
I just forgive them though, either that or the pistol blow
"Say YEAH~! Haha, thank ya! Ahhh, Hallelujah! 
 Y'all don't hear me now! Somebody help me!"
I remember early mornings, syrup sandwiches, sugar water, yeah...
Walkin up the dark stairwells, elevators was out of order, yeah..
Worth two hundred million now, +Bicentennial Nigga+ 
Flat screens and condominiums, Brazilian women on Xannies 
They pullin off panties, I'm pushin forty
She only twenty-one, don't applaud me - I'm exhausted, G
Me and my red cup, my blunt and my red cup
Y'all wouldn't know me without one, I keep a fresh cut
Remember talkin to Biggie inside his Lex truck
Said, "Stay fly when you bummy, keep your pajamas Armani"
Hood forever, I just act like I'm civilized
Really what's in my mind is organizin a billion Black motherfuckers
and take over J.P. and Morgan, Goldman and Sachs
And teach the world facts and give Saudi they oil back
"Say YEAH~! Haha, thank ya! Ahhh, Hallelujah! 
 Y'all don't hear me now! Somebody help me!"
1990s' Polo Ralph Lauren on him
Gone a few years, the whole world snorin on him
Girls all up on him, I spread 'em, hit 'em and dead 'em
She says, third leg from a legend is sheer heaven
She says, "It is the greatest loving" 
The tales you hear is the truth on me, who wasn't the most faithful husband
Reveal my life, you will forgive me
You will love me, hate me, judge me, relate to me
Only a few will, this how it sounds when you too real
They think it's just music still
Well, I am a graphic classic song composer
Music notes on sheets, I wrote this piece to get closure
Some of y'all might know Kelis, this goes to her with love
Also goes to y'all, let's see
The craziest things already happened to me
So either you'll be laughin at me or you're laughin with me, ha! 
"Say YEAH~! Haha, thank ya! Ahhh, Hallelujah! 
 Y'all don't hear me now! Somebody help me!