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Artist: Nas & Damian Marley
Album:  Distant Relatives
Song:   Land of Promise
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Now I and I say greetings in the name of The Mighty King
And I & I say played by the King love is all I bring
And I & I say Africa is I & I responsibility Dreadlocks
Yes, Huh!

To the Promise Land
Going to The Promise Land
Yes the Promise Land O Gosh now
To the Promise Land

Imagine Ghana like California with Sunset  Boulevard
Johannesburg would be Miami
Somalia like New  York
With the most pretty light
The nuffest pretty car
Ever New Year the African Times Square lock-off
Imagine Lagos like Las Vegas
The Ballers dem a Ball
Angola like Atlanta
A pure plane take off
Bush Gardens inna Mali
Chicago inna Chad
Magic Kingdom inna Egypt
Philadelphia like Sudan
The Congo like Colorado
Fort Knox inna Gabon
People living in Morocco like the state of Oregon
Algeria warmer than Arizona bring your sun lotion
Early morning class of Yoga on the beach in Senegal
Ethiopia the capitol of fi di Congression
A deh so I belong
A deh di The King come from
I can see us all in limos 
Jaguars and B'mos

Riding on the King's Highway
To the Promise Land
Going to the Promise Land
O Gosh
Ye the Promise Land
Yeaha the Promise Land

Promised Land I picture Porsches
Basquiat Portraits
Pinky Rings realistic princesses
Heiresses bunch a Kings and Queens 
Plus I picture fortunes for kids out in Port-Au-Prince
Powerless they not allowed to fit
But not about to slip
Vision Promised Land with fashion like 
Madison Ave Manhattan
Saks 5th Ave and
Relaxing popping labels
Promise Land no fables
This where the truth's told
Use them two holes
Above your nose
To see the proof yo!
Imagine a contraption that could take us back when
The world was run by black men 
Back to the future
Anything can happen
If these are the last days
And 100-foot waves come crashing down
I get some hash and pounds
Pass around the bud then watch the flood
Can't stop apocalypse
My synopsis is catastrophic
If satellites is causing earthquakes
Will we survive it
Honestly man it's the sign of the times
And the times at hand

There's alot of work to be done, O gosh
In the Promised Land
In the Promised Land
O Gosh
Take me to The Promise Land
Ye the Promise Land
O Gosh now
To the Promise Land

There's plenty of land for you and I 
Buy and Buy
Lost of food to share for everyone
No time for segregation

In the Promised Land
Yes a to
The Promised Land
The Promised Land
Going to The Promise Land
There's a lot of work to be done in the Promise Land