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Artist: Nappy Roots
Album:  The Humdinger
Song:   Good Day
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{"Let's begin now"}

You know today I just woke up... and I said
Y'know, instead of waitin on a good day
Waitin around, through ups and downs
Waitin on something to happen, I just said

We're gonna have a good day
And all my homies gonna ride today
And all these mommies look fly today
And all we wanna do is get by today heyyy
We're gonna have a good day
And ain't nobody gotta cry today
Cause ain't nobody gonna die today
You can save that drama for another day heyyy
We're gonna have a good day

[Verse One]
Hair line, fresh new cologne on
Feelin so good changed the colors to my phone
Orange Kool-Aid go good with Patron
"Aw Naw," hell naw boy steal my ringtone
Free car, wash had to clean up the Dodge
Give back when I can, just playin my part
Church folks had a fish fry, mustard, hot sauce
Light bread and french fries, love for the big guy
Hit the park, boys showin off their hops
Nappy Roots on the radio, and you know it bops
Last night I hit the pick three, bought some Air Force Ones
Fo' tall tees, man I'm lovin B.G.


[Verse Two]
We're gonna have a good day
And ain't I fin' to worry 'bout what nobody say
I'm still above ground, and that's the reason I pray
Got my car cleaned up, now I'm ready to play
Make a call to the sticks, say I'm headed that way
Heard my cousin cookin out, I gotta get me a plate
Got this new outfit, ain't even out in the States
So if I ain't speakin too soon, but this a hell of a day
And the stickiy got me sitin in a hell of a place
Got my stunna shades on and a grin on my face
My new grill looks mean, but I swear I'm straight
And the hood showin love so I'm a-okay


[Verse Three]
We might as well do exactly what the children sayin
Take the day off, hit the park and just hang
Barbeque, roll a few, and put up the deuce
And if it's beef, put the piece down, throw up your dukes
It's time to change our ways, so we can save the day
for the children sake and make a better place to play
And if it's all good, break out your goop and grip your wood
And if you ridin dirty, light your spliff and blow your shhh
But do it real big, exactly like a player should
Enjoy your 24, do your thang and rep your hood
The world is all yours, but still we all grind
Forever in a day the choice you make is really all fine

[Chorus] - 1.5X