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Artist: Napoleon
Album:  Kingpin Wit Da Inkpen
Song:   True Hollywood Story
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Napoleon]
True Hollywood Story
It's the story the world's been waiting for
For seven years, kid, knowhatimean?
It's poppin' off, son, I'm home, kid, knowimsaying?
We not playing no games right now, son
Illuminati Network, you know?
Right now, Napoleon, I'm the president of the company
But fuck all that son, nah, man
I'm a street nigga, knowhatimean
I'mma give ya'll niggas what you wanna hear, son
Knowhatimean, the book'll be out next summer, yo
Hah, True Hollywood Story, nigga
It's like that, kid

I grew up, in a small town, but everybody knew Corey Hart
My life was a Hollywood story from the start
I stayed on Beat Street, 15 people in four beds
Wake up in the morning, rats on the floor, dead
We was very poor, but yo, we still survived
Out of 15; 13, we still alive
But just imagine this, some nights, no phone, no lights
If Jesus so good, why we on the floor, right?
I was popular, especially at Booker T.
I punched niggas in the face, they was shook of me
I hung around cats, that years later, took a ki'
And got life, years before, gov' cooked the D
I throw 'em alleyoops, my first love was basketball
My dream shattered, seeing my grandma in the casket, ya'll
So instead of me, getting drafted by the Trailblazers
Me and Joe Mafia, we formed the Hellraisers
Linked with 'Lansky, one night at the upper deck
He joined us, on the spot, nothing but respect
My man Jamaican peoples just about to cut the check
Until the feds got 'em down, what the fuck was that
Nothing but bad luck, cuz then we got with Daddy-O
RZA first cousin, plus the nigga had the dough
Then put our single out, now my family had faith
Crime Syndicate, "Where Was Heaven" was on the red tape
Then I fucked up, '97, caught a case
Armed robbery, damn, I should of bought an eighth
Plus the plan was so ill, I thought it was safe
Until the cameras in the store recorded his face
I got out on bond, that's when we flew to Cali
Chillin' with ODB, in the blue Denali
We got the album done, went to Brooklyn, shot the video
Everybody in the hood knew, we bout to get it, yo
That's when I got locked, they sentenced me to four years
Only thing I gave my family was more tears
I was stressed out, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep
Who would of thought, months later, that I wouldn't speak
To my comrades, cuz April, The Syndicate dropped
I found out, certain snakes had the intricate plot
To make me the feature, so instead of six figures
I'm locked, while they hosting the spot with Big Tigger
Years go by, but still I got my ears to the street
Hearing rumors, now it's quite clear that it's beef
When it's war with the real, yo, it's fear in the weak
Damn, I wish I was home, do you hear what I speak?
None of that would of happened, cuz everybody know
I was the man behind the plan, with the Mazeratti flow
Now it's on and popping, in the system, I met D
Whose the new King of V.A.? That's me, that's me

[Outro: Napoleon]
Yeah, yeah, that's right muthafuckas, knowhatimean
This is just part one, youknowhatimean
Straight up, man, I'm writing a muthafucking book right now, kid
Shit'll be out next summer, best seller, son
Knowhatimean, I'll probably get a Nobel Peace Prize
Knowhatimsaying, straight up man, when I came home
Knowhatimean, the only nigga that kept it real with me
Is my nigga Pop, son, you know?