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Artist: Napoleon f/ Mr. Virginia
Album:  Kingpin Wit Da Inkpen
Song:   Ride Wit Me
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Napoleon]
Yeah, this is what muthafuckas been waiting for right here, kid
Napoleon, Mr. Virginia, on that V.A. shit
Youknowhatimean, take two of these from the muthafucking hood
And you put 'em in the studio, this is what you come up with
A ghetto classic, youknowhatimean
So yo, just fasten your seatbelts, light that muthafucking purple up, baby
And take a ride with me, you dig?

Yo, I told ya'll that I was bout to blow on the first place
Cuz God planned for me to be the king on my birthday
Instead of ice cream, I wanted snow on the purp' gate
I'm destined for 10 mil, before the next earthquake
Raised in the hood, where ex-cons tried to murk jakes
We dressed in all black, everytime that we searched safes
You can't even come around me, if your shirt fake
I bang like D-Wade, all up in dirt face
Game recognize game, that's why jerk's mace
And hustle is evil, so I'm out mad cuz I thirst papes
Catch me in the latest, Benz wagon, that's her shape
Laid back, cool until the bezzle the dirt takes
I don't like to dance, but when I, hustle, I twerk shape
And money come easy, know why, cuz the work great
Started off broke, like the curse been reversed, wait
I don't think you hear me, home boy, get you church straight

[Chorus 2X: sample]
Some how, some way
Some how, some way
Some how, some way
I ride my...

[Mr. Virginia]
You caught up on the grind, you quick to get money, the fast way
Nigga catch yo ass slipping, put your brain in a ashtray
You can't blind me, I see through niggas
Put a whole in yo chest, you can see through, nigga
Spend six months locked up in D-2, nigga
Now my flow's like acid, cuz it eat through niggas
And you blind to the fact, that the younging gon' get money
And got a couple shots, that a younging can get from me
I don't even spit 16's, I spit fire
Uppercut'll hit ya, and you getting your shit wired
Bitch ass niggas, keep talking that thug shit
But 40 niggas get they face broke, with another brick
You got to know the hustle, cuz the game done changed up
So bullshit, and get your momma front room banged up
I come cross a nig, I'm gone hit Ron Lang up
And have a nigga at your back door, 'fore I hang up