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Artist: Napoleon f/ Jim Jones
Album:  Kingpin Wit Da Inkpen
Song:   Make Money
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Jim Jones]
Uh-huh, it's your boy Jones, Capo Status
New York's rider man, 50 state rebels
I'm back on the 95 South, that highway, nigga
You know, Illuminati Network, I got you
Napoleon, don't worry bout nothing, you dig?
When I'm in V.A., dope boy, holla at me
We gon' do this right, Norfolk, I got you in mind
Straight g'd up

[Jim Jones]
Don't burn a bridge with a brother like me
Just learn a biz, from a brother like me
We burn down cribs when it comes to the beef
We murder shit and give you something to see
Converti' whip while I'm tucking the seat (Ferrari something, no top)
My past life living is like last night's living
And we don't stop for red lights in this fast life living
Hustle crack all day, busting gats broad day
20/20 on the get high, couple yac on haze
Life's a bitch, she heavy on them missiles
Same shit, different place, for every ghetto that I've been through
That beef come, you see us hopping in the rides
Big chopper on the side, fuck the coppers, we gon' ride
And I'm from Harlem, where we do our lobby networks
Catch me down in Norfolk, with my Illuminati Network
We push 'caine to the fiends, to get that money
Drop cash on your deal, and push ya waves to the scene

[Chorus 2X: Jim Jones]
We get money, that's all we ever wanted
Standing on this corner, ducking warrants, getting blunted
Getting money, that's why we choose to hustle
My niggas gotta eat, and we get tired of the struggle

Aiyo, I roll with The Diplomats, Caesar's Palace rivers got my thickest stack
When you see the 51 square, son, hit me back
With mini macs, I ran up in spots, that had plenty straps
Samsonite suitcases of crack, give me that
I'm like a mobster, backpack damage your ale
Randy Carter told Gail, don't give me no bail
I'm too evasive, grimey as a dirty nomad
Ghetto location, I learn from the birdy Gomez
How to transport diesel on planes with rubber platter
China White or Medallin mud, it doesn't matter
If you rob me, the brains or your brother get splattered
Body parts of your baby mother get scattered
Like when we party, I sip either Henny or Noddy
No wallets, rings, the feds got me sitting with Gotti
I send me a body, Venni Vetti Vecci your hotty
Watch the God make a killing off the enemy's hotty
If I want you bad enough, I just sit in your lobby
Ask why I caught in the grids, three dimensions on shotties
Keep the aim right, my game tight, I'm the type of nigga
That'll sell you a half a brick, rob you the same night
Fame heights, should of known, seven was a strange price
Thanks anyway, I owe you for getting my chain iced
Same spice revealed, that my crew will stay mobsters
Pablo Escobar, kangaroo, play soccer for the tourists
All about a marketing scheme
So hot, right now, I'm seeing NARC's in my dreams
It was glory, but I knew they had, glocks in they jeans
Try to get a Christmas bonus just for knocking my team
If I'm not with my queen, I'm on the block with the kings
Serving them mobster fiends, trying to cop me a grin
Find your Velante, come through like Traficante
With a chick ten times hotter than Beyonce

[Chorus 2X]