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Artist: Napoleon
Album:  Kingpin Wit Da Inkpen
Song:   It Is What it Is
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Napoleon *chopped & screwed*]
It is what it is, what it is
It is what it is
It is what it is, what it is
It is what it is

Who else you know that got a flow, worth more than a kilo
I'm like the wrong opium, nigga, before I was D
The little kid hustling at the corner store was me
Just to get the new Jordans, I was poor as could be
I really thought I was the man, when I scored with a G
Now we picking up our work, at the shore of the sea
It don't take a fed agent tape recorder to see
That I'll be the first with Lamborgini doors in the P's
Three hundred grams of batter, place ya order with me
Got fam, son, I wish Rich Porter could see
We get so much snow from El Padoyo could ski
And clear blocks like a mecha old, before with the breeze
Transporting, got it hard for your daughter to pee
When the spot get hot, to the border we flee
Im a genius with the blow, I know the water degree
Tried to run up in my spot, you'll get torture for free, for free

[Chorus 2X]

First we had bottom B's, now we got shay spears
Two thousand and six, no doubt, gon' be a great year
Money branded snakes, yea, we the ones that fake fear
TWenty two hundred a big, I'm on my eighth year
Fresh off the stakes, yeah, Napoleon the Great's here
Gangstas, we on, and pop bottles, we never taste beer
Got too much food on my plate, you want a steak? Here
Make no mistake, yeah, I'm fly in Bathing Ape, yea
Yeah, we got some weight in here, stash by the lake pier
24 thousand a brick, I miss the slick chair
Icy as a glacier, Manhattan Chase Banks
We like the Great Eight, the new Purple Tape's here
While you walking round in the hood, my people take lears
Like Pablo Escobar, when I die, the jakes cheer
when it first come by midnight, you know the freights clear
64 hundred a nina, come get your cakes here

[Chorus 2X]

Let's toast to a new life, Jacob with the blue wife
I married the game, and at my wedding Don's screw rice
Now we got pounds of purp, going for a new price
Living above the cloud, it's like I really knew Christ
Models they blew my hand, right before I threw dice
I wined and bought 'em minks, they thought I pulled a zoo heist
Cuz they ain't never seen a polar bear, chalk pure white
I left them in awe, they couldn't speak like can't do right
Now I'm in Al Capone's suite, lounging for two nights
Sipping on Louis the 13th, you tell me who nice
Lost a couple stacks, on the Toward-Jones II fight
Bets like debt, we swallow, we don't chew twice
According to federal agents, my whole crew sheist
They mad cuz we throw pass, like we in a food fight
In the airport, my chick bunny mouth, blue tight
I'm worth about 28 million, I got to move right

[Chorus to fade]