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Artist: Napoleon
Album:  Kingpin Wit Da Inkpen
Song:   Gangsta
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Napoleon]
Yo, I'm a gangsta, just listen to the way that I talk
Yo, I'm a gangsta, look at the way that I walk
Yo, I'm a gangsta, never snitch, if I get caught
This for the gangstas, we rich from VA to New York

Yo, the streets calling my name, the beats crawling in fame
I each, ball it with 'caine, we in the hall of fame
Came home with nothing, then it all began
Did a track with Ghost, and we called it Game
Now I'm the new king, not Paul or James
Break like a man miss, I paint walls with brains
Chicks don't stand a chance, leave 'em all insane
El signore, my max spit balls of flame
Fed time, state time, the shits all the same
Damn, son, I'm glad I never got involved with game
Gangsta documentaries, I'm in malls with chains
Look just like frozen water falls that rains
Light brown nickles, I installed my brain
With Manchurian chips, my click brawl and bang
Bitch niggas shout you, you want beef call my name
Keep it underground like Biggie Smalls remains
Copped the new Beemer, cuz in the fall I slang
O's eight hundred, I disolve my 'caine
Smooth like Billy Dee, shit I'm calm as rain
Treacherous enough to make 'em, head bomb your reign

[Chorus 2X]

In the summertime, just when ya diamonds are glistening
Me and D stay tight, like Simon and Tristan
On the blue hill, my crew ill, same jewels that distribute
Then you try to get me 2 mil, I'm too real
That's why I stay low, guard that bout it, guardian angel
Without the halo, moving like a black Don Mateo
With the known crooks, Jacobs got 1, 2, 3, 4
5 times on, look, get all of your stones took
I'm the type to get your address, out of the phonebook
Sheisty, stay in the kitchen, like a Rome cook
Icey, but don't call me Gucci Mane, catch me in the hooptie, man
Black ski mask, give me the uzi, man
When it comes to dough, I'm Lucky just like Lucci, man
Never catch Po', laying up with no groupie, man
Rhymes like crack, my fans, they like Pookie, man
Don Juan style, I'm laid up in a jacuzzi, man
Not fishcale, but poor rod and sushi, man
One sixteen, you OD, like James Belushi, man
Even when it's real, I'm calm, just like Droopy, man
Try to rob me, I let you know, you got to Superman

[Chorus 2X]