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Artist: Murs
Album:  Captain California *
Song:   Survivor
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* Strange Music pre-order bonus track

I wanna say this about Murs too
I think he's a superhero because he's doing something
that hasn't been done either, you know?
I know when I came up and I started doing the music
Maybe I didn't have the courage that-that Murs had
to say, "You know what, this isn't right"
You know, uh, kids and family, making the right decisions
And-and the music he taught
The way he does his music he's telling you, the honest truth

Close the door and give us a moment
I'd like to scrub the floor with all of my opponents
Tell it how it is, take it how you want it
Sound a little different in that radio rap, don't it?
Cause this is what it sound like
When real motherfuckers get around mics
21 Savage with the rhyme
You started out on YouTube, dabbin for the Vine
Slow-mo dancin on that pop shit
Like Koko, better +B. Ware+ of the dropkick
The vocal make the air waves toxic
Spittin so local, man these suckers can't stop it
Since before local then I hop in the cockpit
In kamizaze, that's how you supposed to hit the block bitch!
Modern day ghetto prophet
How could I not be? I was raised on that 'Pac shit
Like a GoPro, yeah homie watch this
Used to be local, now I'm dancin on top bitch
20 years deep, hoe, grab yo' galoshes
Since "Project Blowed" I've been so obnoxious
We were screamin on them wack niggaz
Can't you see I'm exorcisin demons? Get back nigga
I ain't been right, in a long time
Shout out to Mitchy Slick and the Wrongkind
From Dago to the Bay niggaz know me
Used to be Greyhound bound, now I'm O.G.
One call'll get a rap nigga lit up
Call to Golden State, y'all need to fuck with us
Killers, hustlers, pimps, weirdos
Call 'em criminals but those is my heroes
When Eazy-E signed
You want a picture of that moment? Nigga here I am
When Cypress Hill made "Killa Man"
I had just started writin in, I was still a fan
Made my first my song at Mike Caren house
Back when my momma used to worry 'bout my whereabouts
Catch a grown nigga in a cypher I would air 'em out
Curfews and college what I did not care about
I was off on my own
Captain of my own ship tryin to be grown
A Captain Save-a-Hoe, and it was on
It's like, 40 had the formula, I started makin songs
Goin on two minutes, and I'm still flowin
This nigga OHGOSH got the horns blowin
And it sounds so triumphant
I came up in the '90s, I ain't never for that punk shit
Four 15's, in the trunk shit
Get the function jumpin, bumpin "Nothin But the Funk" bitch
Or should I say "beitch"?
Cause Todd Shaw taught us all how to get rich
And Snoop Dogg is a real Crip
The truest Piru I met was my nigga Quik
Who me? I'm only Nick
But I'm 'bout to rap my ass off on this shit
I'm from West L.A., Mid-City y'all
But the culture came from New York City dawg
Made me a superhero in so many ways
Now I'm flyin all around the world and I'm gettin paid
And any day just know this shit could end
All you got is your faith and your family and your friends
Let us begin