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Artist: Murs
Album:  Captain California
Song:   Colossus
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[Intro: Murs]
One time for the D-boys
Two times for the decoys
Three strikes never bring joy
Fourth time built to destroy
One time for the jail cell
Two times for the crack sales
Three times for that West L
4-5 rest in peace, nigga free Mel

[Chorus 4X: Murs]
Hood nigga, hood nigga, I'm Colossus
A hundred fifty grand in my Nike shoeboxes

I'm 6'4", bench about 500
That's how I make the block run exactly how I want it
I stay stuntin, niggaz hatin, but it won't stop
They hate to see a big nigga when he on top
Gucci flip-flops, bought 'em for some bops
Couple racks ain't shit, but to them that's a lot
They suckin cock for a bottle of CÓroc
Let the homies run through 'em then it's back to the block
Niggaz makin drops in my momma mailbox
Cause I'm servin everything from the pills to the rocks
On the porch in my crocs so I look like a square
The neighbors like to talk shh, you think that I care?
I'm a fuckin millionaire and I do it all cash
Tellin Uncle Sam he can kiss my ass
They say it won't last but I'm almost 30
And I keep my J's clean but my money stay dirty, uhh


Bunch of orange boxes, filled up with bank rolls
Money bring a lot of jealousy and stank hoes
But when you on, gotta treat it like cologne
It's that smell of success that you just can't clone
Make-make-make-make-make the Feds tap your phone
Make a bitch nigga wanna put one in your dome
Even when I'm home gotta stay with the chrome
If a nigga try to creep, I can peep him on my phone
Got cameras on the outside, hammers with me outside
Homies get nervous when they standin with me outside
I understand I'm a fuckin wanted man
Nigga pop me, like I said that's a cool hundred grand
Used to be hand-to-hand, had a five-year plan
Sellin dope ain't nothin but a pyramid scam
It's only so long you can sit up at the top
So when I finally get shot won't nobody be shocked, huh