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Artist: Moot Ditty
Album:  The Hustler
Song:   The Hustler
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[Chorus] x2
The hustler pushin' white lightning
Stayin' in the cuts can't catch no indictment
[Moot Ditty]
I love the hustle have my hands around the dirty money
It's the smuggla mob style wit the fuckin' tommy
Stick it to the blue grip holdin' my thang close
Never trust these hoes with my business they'll even sell my folks
I know fa sho I ain't gon' tell on myself
Gotta stop these haters from takin' they'll love to see me on the shelf
But I two time them all, give 'em the suspense and just ball
Applyin' that full court pressure puttin' they backs against the wall
[Chorus] x2