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Artist: Ms Krazie
Album:  Firme Homegirl Oldies, Vol. 2
Song:   Nostalgia
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I'm still sitting here it's twelve o'clock on the dot
and I've been at it for days but see I don't know where to start
you'd be amazed at the things that crossed my mind
esa noche see I contemplated suicide
and overdosed on roches kick back firme
but it still ain't the same
don't hear you calling my name and who's to blame
mijo I gave you everything and I was left with nada
lost in the fog me perdi en una nube de mariguana
eyes became foggy simon I tried to hold it back
but I'm broken down in pieces and patron is where it's at
I just couldn't understand you
You said it was forever
Would you leave my side?
You always told me never so trip out

When the days turn into nights they both end up wasted
bottle after bottle see I didn't want to face it
you were gone and I was on my own many came to take your place
but my heart was turned to stone I didn't feel like loving anyone
cause after you I died I moved on walked away
you can't say I didn't try I tried to make it work until the very end
and once again you were all out of excuses to pretend
but I don't blame you it's firme you threw it all away
just like my homeboy duende said "I'd rather be alone instead"
you made me what I am and I learned to live without you
and even though it hurt to say good-bye I'm cool without you

It's been a couple of months but it seems longer
me la paso doing what I do best try to be stronger
kept your pictures locked up but everytime I'm fucked up
I remember what we went through that September
full of Anger, Regrets, nostalgia, amor puro
y odio las cosas que vivimos cuando andabamos de novios
you can't compare it believe me homes I tried it
y el vato de mis suenos wasn't you I can't deny it
now I'm drifting on a memory you took a part of me
so I try not to think about lo que we used to be
porque duele cada vez que yo empiezo a recordarte
but I never thought it would be so hard para olvidarte