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Artist: Mr. Shadow & Lil' Rob (Mayhem Click)
Album:  Till I Die
Song:   Rumors
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[Steve Austin]
Hi, this is Steve Austin, reporting live from San Diego, California
I'm here with two controversial rappers from the city, Lil' Rob and Mr. Shadow
A.K.A. The Mayhem Click, and we're talking about rumors
Now Lil' Rob, we understand you have an album out entitled the Crazy Life
Can you tell us what kind of rumors have emerged since the release of that album
And some of the things you've been through

[Verse 1: Lil' Rob]
Well, let me put it like this
All these fools talkin' shit
All the time
I was sixteen with a bullet, representin' the 619
But these fools couldn't take it
They didn't want me to make it
And so they'd rather hate it
Because they just can't fade it
Gang related, situated, now I'm back
These putos talking smack
But I kinda like that
In a way
And one day, I might say
That the ones who helped me do this
Had it in me all the time
And I knew this, I'm still foolish
Fools are clueless
To what
I can do with my ability
Thought of myself as a cholo, not a real emcee
And so I did, what I did, I'm so glad that I did it
Because it put some chips in my pocket when I'm finished
Using words like holmes, simon and leva
People try to put me down, but end up floatin' down the river
See, I told you twice before, but I'll say it one more time
You do your thang, holmes
But I'm a do mine

[Lil' Rob]     And basically, that's what I think
               All these fuckin' fools can talk all the fucking shit they want about me
               Cause I could give a fuck, know what I mean?
               Heh heh
               This proves I'm above their level, you know
[Steve Austin] So Shadow, I understand you're having similar problems to those of Lil' Rob's
               Is there anything you would like to say to them playa haters?
               And if so, what would it be?

[Verse 2: Mr. Shadow]
I gotta give it up, to those punks tryin' to diss me
Talking mad shit cause they miss me
Reminisce me
Because they used to talk
Head about my rhymes
And when they heard me on the radio, they request it, Till I Die
And I
Must admit
That I love you yappin' lips
Cause it makes me rap my rolas and my music stack my chips
This is Shadow
The crazy vato, them fools wanna battle
And they end up on the gravel, when they act like hoes and tattle
Why, would
You, want, part
Of, this
Don't, get
Caught up in the mess
Cause I hate them phony putos dippin' all up in my business, ese
Gotta hit the street for all them fools that player-hate
Ain't no punk chavalas stoppin' me from making bank
I don't need to take it to make it, like laws I break it, unfaded
I'll be remainin' like Satan, I'm servin' hate to those who perpertrated

[Mr. Shadow]   Yeah
               That's pretty much how I feel
               So I tell them haters that, uh
               You can only witness what you see
               Not the things you hear
               Remember that
[Steve Austin] Since we're talking about rumors
               I heard that Lil' Rob and Shadow weren't always the best of friends
               So Shadow, can you clear that up for us and tell us what's really going on?

(Verse 3)
[Mr. Shadow] Simon, we had some problems, like adults, we had to squash it
             We formed the Mayhem Click
[Lil' Rob]   Why?
[Mr. Shadow] Cause everybody wants it
             The baddest motherfuckers, now together, no one's ever gonna
             Intimidate us, just
             Imitate us, playa-hate us
             Don't bother analyzin' anything we do
             Cause the shit we kick is tight
             And you know that this is true
             Mr. Shadow and Lil' Rob
             Makin' heads bob and it don't stop
             Cause we're bound to keep on flowin' til you see our caskets drop
[Lil' Rob]   It's that one little cholo
             Back before I go
             Just thought I'd let you know that you can never stop my flow
             So I suggest
             You put that shit to rest, quit talkin' all that mess
             You're talkin' about the best
             And you're just wastin' your breath
             As I sit here
             Thinking, never thought it would be you
             The city that I represent
             Talkin' all that shit
             See, cous', all we do is kick it
             And mind our own business
             Lil' Rob and Mr. Shadow
[Mr. Shadow] Scratchin' fools off the bitch list

[Mr. Shadow]
Eh ha
So now you know
Where we're comin' from
And with that
It concludes our story for today
I hope you motherfuckers learned your leason
And learned how to keep your fuckin' trap shut
And quit spreading rumors that ain't true
Cause that shit be getting motherfuckers in trouble
And believe me
You don't want part of that
You don't want none of this
Mayhem Click
And we're out

Look at all these rumors
Started by jealous people