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Artist: Mr. Shadow & Lil' Rob (Mayhem Click)
Album:  Till I Die
Song:   Apocalypse
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[Demon Shadow]
Hello my children
Ha ha ha
Gather 'round
I got somethin' that I wanna say to you
I think it's about time we overcome this fucked up world
And make a real hell on Earth
So listen up
Get any motherfucker that you can and bring them back

[Verse 1: Mr. Shadow {Demon Shadow}]
If your ass wants to live another day
Get the fuck out of my way when I lyricly slay, bring it on
Leva foes, Mr. Shadow be the one that's killing motherfuckers
Puttin' tags in toes, shove 'em on the holes
Like a ghost, I'm a haunt ya, motherfucker, make the stories tie
I can hear the cries, sing when you bring it with more jealousy
I give a bullet and begin to do the fool like I do that vatos mine, to the night
With a sight, when I look at the moon and is full
Get my tool and I look for my foe
Got that five footed star on my chest like you know
What it is that I'm searchin' for
Murder one heard of me, makin' it dark like an eclipse
Like Tales From The Crypt, I'm coming equipped
With the triple six and I'm bound to get sick
It's the evilest lyricist, bringing this wickedness nemisis
Die on my premisis, withnessin' pawn like The Exorcist
Cause I'm comin' to get 'em like every day
You run and you hide, but you won't get away
It's the game that I play like the Ouija, you won't even see me
Well, you would believe me, need me
If you look a little closer, you will see the shadow of a demon
Appearin', I'm hearin' the voices that tell me to do evil shit that I do, and you know
That I'm due, so I do when I cast my spell on you
The evilness just fell on you
And I'm the perfect fool to wish {hell on you}

[Demon Rob {Demon Shadow *reversed*}]
Tonight {It's the Lil' Rob}
781 in your area {Shadow}
Ha ha ha {Vicious}
You know it's gonna happen tonight {San Diego}
But of course {Southern, California}
781 to your area {Comin' at you}

(Verse 2)
[Lil' Rob]     Creeping up on your ass, he won't even see or hear me comin', be runnin'
               I'm becomin' somethin' evil, fuck people, fuck sequels
               Gotta get the murder done now, all
               I see is the fear in your eyes, the tear in your eyes
               You're terrorized
               Don't be surprised, I see my reflection like
               A mirror in your eyes
               Everything's got a price, but you got a price to pay, you sold your life away
               So I slice away
               Dealin' with your life, I took your strap
               Your pride, your ice
               Can that be the night where I feel something come over me
               Don't know what it is, full of devilish grims
               Foes and friend and bloody sins
               Don't know
               When it's gonna end, just like a puppet on a string
               He be controllin' me
               I try to be cutting them strings, but like Smokey, he gots a hold on me
[Demon Shadow] That's the fool that rolled on you
               That's the fool that stole on you
               What the fuck you gon' do?
               Fuck it, I'll do it for you
[Lil' Rob]     I'm having a conversation with somebody who's not even there
               Hearin' a voice inside my head, said "You'd get no where if you care"
               I be the Lil' Rob going insane when he calls my name
               I'm hearin' voices in my head, and every night I do what said

[Demon Rob {Demon Shadow *reversed*}]
Yeah {It's the Lil' Rob}
Tonight is the night {Shadow}
I better listen to my master {Vicious}
It's good bye
Tonight is your night {San Diego}
You should've never messed with me {Southern, California}
Never mess with me {Comin' at you}

(Verse 3)
[Lil' Rob]
It's the satanical, magical Lil' Rob and the Shadow
We're comin' at you like horns, my mother regrets I was born, and I know
You like it like porn, treat the streets like whores, leave 'em torn and
I drop my rhymes like the storm, when it rains it pours, I take form, then I hit the
Lookin' all nice and neat, top fully creased
Hell of a lookin' beast that leased, (???) on my feets from west to east
From north to south
They know what I'm all about, top me on scout
Lookin' for my new recruits to follow my foot steps down my route
If you're not in, you're out
There's no way I'm gonna beg either, come stay if you wanna come play
Then let's play, if not, you better pray cause I'm comin' your way

[Mr. Shadow]
Crime pays, whenever the fuck I inferiorly play with my pick
And I'm comin' to stick you, let Satan be with you
Nobody will miss you whenever I diss you, if you
Wanna fuck around with these two bald headed motherfuckers that'll leave you in the mist
When I clutch my fist, I piss the swiss Apocalypse, I can't resist the bloodyness
The mess ain't over, 31st of October, I told ya
The Virgin Mary won't hold ya, I'll scold ya, will mold ya into a
Demon screamin', I'm leavin' you sufferin', wonderin' why
I have a tail, a pair of horns and glowin' eyes
In boiling water, fuck the Father, I fucked his daughter
I got her under my wing, it ain't no thing, now let the devil sing (Devil sing...)

[Demon Shadow]
I'm back
Now that you know
That you're gonna fuckin' burn in hell
Tell what you think
And then
I will meet you at the crossroads

I'm 'bout to get you..."