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Artist: Mr. Lif f/ Akrobatik, Blueprint, El-P
Album:  Mo' Mega
Song:   Mo' Mega
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He watched his grandmoms get beat by his drunk granddad for bein drunk
Of course he grow up to be a punk
How could he learn respect, when he comes home 
to the people that he loves most beefin and gettin wrecked?
See, this is a point where a shorty loses his innocence
His, mind gets raped before he even learns diligence
But, see his momma sparked his hunger to learn
And had him schoolin where the tuition was more than she earned
Creative, he'd write rhymes to escape (uhh)
The sources of his pain documented on tape
And maybe these raps'll lie in time capsules for the future youngsters
To see struggle is consistant among us
No need, he found a career and made it clear (what)
Despite all obstacles he is still here
Now he travels the world celebratin survival
with people he was told was liable to be his rivals
Unifyin through a universal language
And common goals of freedom and escape from the anguish
But don't cross him though, some things never change in us
Bumpy Knuckles told him peaceful cats are the most dangerous
And he was grown by now, so he related back
Cause he done been to hell and made it back without a scratch
Unless you count the technic tables cuttin his name up
Ya boy finessed shit, got his game up and came up

[Chorus: El-P] + {*scratches by DJ Big Wiz*}
We keep workin, city stay nervous
Everybody doin they thing, doin
{*scratches*} They thing
{*scratches*} Everybody-everybody-everybody doin they thing, thing

[Mr. Lif]
He went to school without focus so he had to adapt, he love rap
Found some brothers that attract that, whattup Black?
Let's smoke a blunt and drink a forty, and get steamed
and dream of better days; flip flows in many ways
The God got serious though, mysterious flow
Started pumpin herb around campus to get dough
Save up, hit the studio and cut a demo
Peace y'all, he's leavin school, peep the fuckin memo
And his M.O., to rise up to the top of his trade
His tongue was a sharp blade, airwaves were space to invade
He's back in the major city, big lights, late nights
Writin sessions was the essence
But what happens when you change environment but not mentality to coincide?
Niggaz fuck around and take a slide
So he's chillin in the park on a dark night
A blunt to spark right, all a sudden noticed this flashlight
Motherfuckin DT's, sleazebags
Sprayin niggaz with the Black Flag fingerprintin
Like he's Simpson or some shit
Now look at son sit in a jail cell, witnessin real hell
Nigga in the next cell braggin 'bout his many cases
Roaches racin laps in less than forty paces
Guard staring hard at the young brother, he starts to suffer
As he thought about his father and his mother
It's not him - he's a disciple of Chuck and Rakim
So his chances for survival are not slim
4-point-5 hours passed then released at last
with a sigh and a gasp, and some reigns to grasp
Control your life, hold the strife
He never looked back, now actually he gets hyped
Encores, world tours, when you see him
Recognize that he value his freedom and greet him


He freestyled on the side but it was only to clown
and kill time, on the block while he was holdin it down
He was troubled, but his little brother was proud
Called him the best he ever heard since Big and 'Pac was around
Always wondered why the hell his pops wasn't around
All he had was the records that was handed him down
Old clothes from his fam that was handed him down
And some demos he would make to keep his head in the clouds
He'd probably cry if his pops could take a look at him now
He all grown up, swole up, and known 'round town
for doin hold-ups, and smokin up pounds of brown
And killin any competition with over Coke with a smile
One day he rolled up, right after he loaded that pound
That boy owed him so had to let him hold that, blaow!
But what comes around hits home and goes back 'round
He got home and saw his brother soaked in blood on the ground
Moms cryin, a look in her eyes so foul
He knew right then and there he had to change his life all around
Tears flooded, he looked up and crouched down
Called the Lord's name out loud, blacked out, passed out
And woke up to a voice in his head so strong
It was his brother sayin just what he had said all along
Get off the block, put your energy back into your songs
Revenge is wrong, show the world that you grown and that you came up!


{*scratches by DJ Big Wiz fade out*}