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Artist: MoStack
Album:  It's Over (S)
Song:   It's Over
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

See tonight we ain't raving, pullup in the whip wheres the paigons?
Wag1 my brudda, I trust no one but I trust my mother
Love fit girls for a skinny little fucker
Bed get bruck up, back get mash up
Big booty is my duty, and your girlfriend is my groupie
She said she don't speak to no other guys, she had a voice on the phone like whos he?
Shhh! I think he heard me
Bad gyal, she just did him dirty
And now the rumour is the boy wanna burst me
You can't take me out of this earth if you didn't birth me
Blud she's a player, she's a naughty one
How many boys has she fucked? like 41
And she fuck your one, and then she dropped her out
And now she's calling us why are you calling us?

He found out that you were a hoe, and he was thinking nono cause he really, really likes you
Like this can't be true, this can't be you man I swear he would of wifed you
So I don't trust no girl and I don't trust no one and I don't trust no guy to
Cause I can see them changing on me lord I can see them changing on me ohh, ohh

You was a [?] I made you feel comfy and now you're taking kindness for weakness
Lord hold me back, please hold these straps cause I don't want to squeeze it
Mr nice guy is going and the bad guy is coming oh lard I can feel it
And we hustle everyday, all my niggas move yay
Cause they feeling like Jesus

Now I'm leaving, got what I needed
Now look at what she did
Girl I don't want nothing to do with you
I swear that I'm through with you now I'm leaving

Nothing to do with you
I swear that I'm through with you now I'm leaving
Got what you needed, now look what she did
And its over
Cause I can see your true coloursss, no friends we just do brothers, I've seen the way they do othersss
Now I want nothing to do with you, so long