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Artist: MoStack
Album:  HSK Freestyle (S)
Song:   HSK Freestyle
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

High Street Kid
Tryna chart man
Make sure you download that and support the movement
When I chart with a mixtape it's gonna be a piss-take
Banglez on the riddim (Banglez)

Stress on my brain can we stop this
Mum fired, now my family's jobless
Told my sis don't worry 'cause we've got this
Bare thoughts in my brain should we rob this
Nah, because I'm back on my [?]
Life's looking divine, gyal with a behind
Life ain't a game we can't rewind
Life ain't a game we can't rewind
There's no playback button, if there was one I woulda brought back Muffin
Fam there's pain that I just can't stomach
I just say "I'm alright, I'm cool man it's nothing"
Don't get me pissed, the girl's that call me dickhead are
The ex girls that gave some head to my dick
Two-seater, but I fit in ten chicks
How'd you do that? Magicians don't reveal their tricks
Hello, I'm their Wat Tyler
You don't let it bark like a Rottweiler
It's been a hot sec since you dropped fire
I ain't fucked a dead ting since I dropped Liar
They use me for sex I feel used and abused
Had the line for two and the Q's
Now if there's a line full of gyal
I've probably fucked two in the queue
Might take your gyal on a cruise
I feel to fly away and put this fame on pause
No signs of fakes and frauds
Fuckboy don't say my name when you talk
Imma dash a dart and put your face on the board
Don't even wanna sleep when I'm tired, so terrifying
One time I went sleep and I woke up crying
I had a dream that I got stopped (by who?)
By the feds in the Villeside
Then I had a dream that I got shot
Wait hold up, that was real life
There's war going on and it's not nice
For the people that's gone let this song cry
Look what happened in Manchester
Right now we stress about it, in a couple months the world will forget about it
I can't get my head around this, (blud I can't put my head around it)
Turn on the television, white man shoots then he's crazy
Muslim shoots then it's terrorism
Let's not give up we're forever driven
Hard niggas round me, no feminism

It's the High Street fucking Kid
Big up all the features
My nigga Jiggz, my nigga Hus, my brudda Mist, Krept
Big up all the producers
Zeph, Sevaqk, Steel Banglez, I'll Blu, Rowntree
Big up my manager Shay
Goin' in my G
Big up the Villeside yeah