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Artist: MoStack
Album:  Behind Barz (S)
Song:   Behind Barz
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

BANG! Another black man down
I swear fam its hard being brown ain't no love in my town
I feel like squashing all my beef
"Yo let's link up and shoot the police"
I hate all the news, I hate seeing innocent yutes die for no reason
I guess its kill the black man season

Married to the money I do
I don't trap trap in the bando
And I still don't look like you
Mention me you'll get juked right thru
Shit, I used to be a good guy too, on a
Opposite day I lose, on a opposite day you shoot
So please don't gwarn like you're bad
You took a pic with a 5 bill stack
You got some likes now, give it back to dad
Oh everybody wants to bang bang bang bang boogie
Until the ps come to the door in cuffs
Everybody wants to be a real bad man fully
Until my Gs come to their block, they run
Dem niggas wanna play but they can't be us
So they're always gonna hate cuh they can't be us
They just want the fame oh Lord please us
Give them a mouth so dat they can suck deez nuts
Nah really I don't trust none of you doe
Tell me what they said about me
If your comfortable just say it round you
I was out in the cold no jacket
Don't tell me don't panic
No wonder why my Gs so savage
Kicking the door waving the four four
Fuck all the poor I do not talk loyal
I'm with my dargs we do not have paws
I'm with my dargs wait hold up pause
Here's my will
Please give it to my mum if I die widda mil
Let her split it with the family and friends that's real
Mummy don't be mean give daddy a bill
Every track I hear these niggas say "I buss my gun" fam
I still don't trust no one
Hold up wait Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairys fake ahhh I can't even trust my mom
And nigga you ain't caught no bodies
I can smell the pork in your mouth so I don't believe your wallahis
Oh lord help me the first thing I did when I got a grand is grab my iPhone and take a selfie
But now it's normal, and now its casj
Why the fuck am I ugly, I blame my Dad
Cuh my mummy is a beauty
But if I say I don't love my dad I'd be lying
Cuh there was times he was trying
But where the fuck is you hiding
Ohh can somebody find him
And see this world's still hurting
Young girls twerking
Mum's still working
Kids ain't learning
Every other week suttin new's going on
Can't we just all get along
Two different squads
Kick back n vibe to the song
If your screwing now suttins gone wrong
So its turned to a stick up stick up
If you get a phone call don't pick up pick up
Everybody to the ground right now
Put the jewels in the bag right now
You'll get stabbed right now
Oi, quick go over there n tie up the chicks
More money More paigons ill take dat risk
We neva came here to rave FUCK DAT SHIT!
Aye pass me the strap lemme buss dat
Nah I'm just joking cuh I just came to vibe n bubble
I just came to vibe in peace
But you can leave the place in pieces
Some put their faith in Allah and
Some put their faith in Jesus
Touch me I bet a bang-a-lang
I'm with some akkis dat will ride any month except Ramadan
Threaten me you must be buzzing
What are you gonna get your cousin, what?
"Are you gonna get your cousin"
Huh, back it out what we all call all of a sudden
Ay yo you must have been bluffing
I swear dese niggas don't know me
Even if you kill my whole squad
I still ride out on my lonely's
Niggas need to get the bread
I pree how your bank accounts set up n you could do better
Rumours dese niggas want me dead up
But the way me I got the set up
No, No, No, No
If he sells, sea shells on my sea shore
And his dock is sea shells then he can see more
If she tells details then she's cool
But if she don't tell den shes a fool
A da da di, da da da da da da du
I chat shit n I still sound better than you
A da da di, da da da da da da du
I chat shit n I still sound better than you