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Artist: Mortisabstract
Album:  Ezra Trip 12"
Song:   Ezra Trip
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Wake up and fiddle and lawl myself to
with no forward leap
and through the cracks i seep
The 'old man' gains clout here
but something is calling me to more potent feats via forgiveness 
but I love his side 'cause...

V1: Yo, the realm is sweet
Just a bubble around the weak
and a peak never known
with a steep beneath potential's own
Unaware of lessons vital to advance my naive
A pet-peeve to be out of tranquil peace
When my arm fits through the sleeve perfectly snug
as a piece on the mantle stiff to no expand
Alert of the fact
the longer I stay the more unalert I act
Known to attack new voyages from inside my comfort coil
The placated boy spoiled with a soon chapter boil
My home
Sac-Town sublime
It's all I've ever known
No real urge to grow
I'm in a circling roam with no concept of time
Dwindling away in serenity
acknowledging I need to depart to become what I want to be
Loading up my car with suitcases encompassing a blissful existence
Sac-Town now flashes me pensive memories in membrane
Embarking on a new chapter of my life; I turn the page
I made peace with myself and God
and the inside of my eyelids at I stare
Plotting for expansion
Out to the horizon I run
with thoughts elastic and vigorous to keep pace with the sun
Perpetual mornings bloom florets
Dropping my anchor and flag into the dirt of Los Angeles

I'm not going back to Sac
I'm not - I'm not x2
I'm not going back to Sac
I'm not going back to Sacramento
I wanna go through something
I wanna learn something x3
God drag me through the mug and see me emerge clean

V2: Strictly here to grow
Strictly here to sow
Strictly here I learn
Strictly here I burn up my past into ashes
and proudly sport a back hacked with learning lashes
Unfamiliar settings offset my equallib
amid the throws of change 'til food fills my bib
Knowing myself and what I want to do
Now how to go about it wow's this eager fool
But first I must face distractions and test my dedication
shunning away the reasons I first came
Bombarded with parking tickets and bounced checks
Let's reassess this equation adding a pest to fester
I was a bird in a cage let out to make my nest
but each twig I bring back falls off the tree branch x2
Blessed with a new job that in a month got took away
Along with it goes the apartment I planned to move into the next day
A full sunrise later the car goes kaput
All this inside the elements of the worse page in my book
Just a fish caught in the hook, It took
events this outlandish to push forward my learning wagon a foot
Silly me headed for something outside my ability to handle
A fire lit with God's mouth to cool the candle
Yanked back a bit
but hopefully not back to Sac to live
Back to my comfort zone with no physical progress to brag about
But I'ma stay 'cause
learning to be steadfast buffens my mental stout
So I'ma stay
Instead of wearing the sweater
I'll just take the needles away from the knitter


Ruff times are ahead but be steadfast and outlast the desert
Oasis will come soon so consume this wisdom's rations
If this is your passion
Everyone has hurtles just don't fret the jump
Endure the slump
And true peace was really the search this whole time