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Artist: Mortisabstract
Album:  Level With Me
Song:   Warning Shot
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We love each other
hate each other sleep
Then we hate each other
love each other sleep

(Chorus) Science your silence, babe, 'cause I don't understand
Put it in a way we can communicate
The silent treatment doesn't bode well with my naive state
Science your silence, babe, just explain
You thought I was mean?
Well you're not kind either
I guess we'll walk in circles 'cause I ain't a mind reader

V1: We balance each other out with our polar opposite grounds
my sweet maiden sacred to my sound
we love hip-hop to death
cruising cars abusing radio knobs we do dispute 'til death
about which emcee to put on blast
the trap is her vocal capture
a persuasive abrasive master
Maxing out decibels in my passive vessel vestibules
Indie rap vs. Afro centric cats
I dig them all so I let her shot call
Love her more through short compliment cankers
So sweet these blue eyes that sedate my inner anger
An unrestricted gaze
An adoration faze not
In my heart is where two strong pains fought
Inadequacy and love tussle for head room
I let my soul pick
Couldn't refuse that smile that makes my core emit zeal
Take to the air pass a mass of murky fluff
Sharing a love that swung a nonstop product
Something slips my mind
disputing recruits evade
Butting heads over nothing in actualities haze
A realm at the helm of satan
I HATE delays in wordplay
 exercising the silent treatment
A season without agreement
Appeasing transforms to hostile
Now a baffled stare from a smile
Compile ways to repair the disparity gap and ask "what the hell just happened?"


V2: It's cool that she's over protective
but in sections I want
I don't wanna seem pissed 'cause I'm really not
It's more or a confused facial lacking a waring shot
Was it something I did? Was it something I didn't do?
I need help in identifying the crap to you I do
We both agree that getting mad isn't as bad as disappointment
While the ointment of time heals slow
I can hide the mower but the grass still grows
If there's something wrong
please let a brother know
because this pokey lip bit
I just act ignorant with it
Sit back and bask in my tasmanian angel's actions
Two separate first classes consecrated by compliments in mass
Opening her car door
bending over backwards
but expected treatment for a queen
Miss "Happy in her skin"
an obnoxious outburst once again
An interim annoyance I've learned to deal with
With each day pealing back a lab of our walls
Learning more and more that she's the one my soul has called
Yeah, we're at odds from time to time with candid banter
Playing the game of stubborn
Putting veils over pride trying to get the other to see your side
I'll admit we fight for the driver seat when we should let Christ drive
I steadily strive to be the man in Psalms 1:1-3
and she makes efforts in perfection
even gets dirty quick
honing her soul to that Proverbs 31 chick
But it's a long way until we're pious like
and you still gotta figure out how to science your plight