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Artist: Mortisabstract f/ Glory I
Album:  Level With Me
Song:   Second Thought
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Mortisabstract: Some misjudge the budge of my intentions
suspended to mention burly degrees consciously spit
Christ poured a shot glass full of spirit to sip
I meditate to states numb
As he suffice a feast that eclipses the carnal crumb
I dwell in the fond ambiance of agape's hum
Flower beds and folly spouts paralleling the monotonous bloom of Methodical weds
Bed-head deads the antidote
stopping in full flow Idiotic's modest tall of "Anomaly and Inertia Butting Heads"
tossing and turning
I'm clashing with bugs in the bed so I write with this pen
Wondering eyes blind if
this life size hour glass could stand the test of time
GRIP my bottom lip with two fronts
the mental quiver
Paradigms climb my pondered time to deliver
a soul shrine to one of the two sides that my "fickle" pendulums
The scum of ignorance sits my thoughts blown
by secular nuances of subconscious monotone
When I have dreams I wanna put trust in something of substance
 my wishes are for the fishes
You wish with the toss of rocks and fall to be the lost cause... 

Chorus: I put my trust in something that has life
Standing at the foot of the ocean cupping a 'wish'
I don't throw rocks to skip
I wish upon a fish then I'll see dreams live
I think
'cause throwing a rock they sink

Glory I: Hope to the seeing
is something with meaning
that needs no explanation when it's coming with meaning
We're always striving
As people we're trying to get this and that in hopes of receiving
Believing we're clinging to a message of dreams
It seems that this life is more than it seems
Irrelevant thoughts take in into action
and hands driven by motions and motions
Placebo of thoughts swarms its way over as I'm throwing my dreams into a river
A rock is my hope
right now is just empty
inevitably I hope this rock is my savior
Inept attitude seeking answers else where
The thoughts that I had are no longer there
It's sinking it's drowning in a river of dreams
Where others place hope in something as it seems
Dreams can all sink way down to the bottom
But cling to the rock to help solve this problem
One way
one hope around this circle of life
Bring your dreams to Jesus
stop clinging to life
Life just might seems that it's going
Observing that life just won't hear your prayer
The life that you know don't know nothing inside you
Cling to the rock
Go on preserver.

Chorus: I rise up
I rise up
I look to the sky
I was blinded before
Now I see something inside

Bridge: Standing at the foot... of the ocean...