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Artist: Mortisabstract
Album:  Level With Me
Song:   Scatter
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V1: Yo, I cracked the mold
stepping out to spout pouts forth
A road sprinkled with deterrents to "impossible" my flourish glitch
Currents to ripples tickles my confidence
Commence an opposite frown
I couldn't have what's over the fence, so I ripped the fence down
Match sticks to friction is what's mission upon this mic
Pondering linguistics ghost insight
So eminent idioms is your orifices plight so...
No heat
No heat
Emcees got no heat these days
No heat
No heat
Emcees got no heat these days.

V2: Thank you for crushing my leaves that hid inadequacies on concrete
Lumber killing me softly
Mocking birds chirp threats mischievous to billing
Ground levitates and lower ceiling vexed the claustrophobic
and fate abates choice to a one option panic
fat frantic thought bubbles
The metaphorical form guzzle contravention
Destroyed piece by piece 'til no peace is left in me
Ha, I got no peace and I'm left here in pieces
I'm just a joyful boy full of joy that has to answer to twelve angry men inside
Then enters Apollo the 13th voice to explain why hope sinks
These on-going things never occur about-face
Sporadicly infinite and prolifically limited
So now the turtle is a shell of what he once was
and the rabbit runs ignorant but free

V3: Mystic rivers granted the peddle of trespasser's eager fancy
Illogical fit my membrain and towers the pansy
Tacky turnouts-bumble mouths-where abouts  "NOT ALLOWED" was muted
White walls fingered by all
Despite free wills lumpy pillow
Willow pallid jives direction stain endangering the spiky pendulum
Daffodils dab a grill equalizing the second clowd's skill
You bargain to gain perspective of invective "blaw-blaws"
Shift the paradigms climb to vertic intelligence
Murky irrelevance swab a faithful house pet upon a high horse
and prodigal pours more then "Oops'" the over flow
Cannot sow but exceeds in reaping the invisible peeping licks lacks variation
Contemplating raw mating giggles the pattern domino affect
Enthralling infecting dilated retina blacks the whole lid
Silence a high pitch glitch scatter jaw to claw manna a wander if
He should look forth and look no more