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Artist: Mortisabstract
Album:  Level With Me
Song:   Proem
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V1: The pensive Mister coming in with the written
The visible coefficients lessen by the sitting
A psyche sicken now wowed by flawless joy
Christ, a solid solution like he's allow
Heed these philosophics spewed out by young boy
The transfer of energy matters of convoy
Bombard the guards of hell with abstract rude fits
Injecting the radio active atomic nucleus with...
verbal kicks enhance by man strapped to branches
An action--flash sore
Blood plummets to floor
Reached to peeps stumbling on a swing swung vacant vexing the mental more
A corridor of conduits anti to narrow path influence
Plummet to ruins
iniquities that be looming
This mist metamorphed to clear-sighted
A track united in these head phones to ear