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Artist: Mortisabstract f/ Describe
Album:  Level With Me
Song:   Of Tongue & Pen
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Describe: Scattered down thoughts
My mind reacts to the past time lost
Depression wants to sink its ugly mouth into dialect
Reluctant-reflect one-two mic check
Flex upon the mecca lies tattooed upon my chest
Flustered by the moment
I'll put time to the test
I'll strive within my soul to put the evil man to rest
Blessed beyond silver and gold
Unfold the treasure
My heart remains untold
Cold from this current lack warmth
Godly visions stream through like swarm of butterflies and bees
sneaking up to sting me
but dazed by the gaze of velocity beauty and philosophy
Better yet theology to free me from all of these

Mortisabstract: Thick between lusting and trusting green
Monitary lenses deaden senses to a cremation underworld
Keeping relationships at bay
tone the groans amute
File claims under lost delayed brains
against the grain they lay on anti-astute
Chemical coons pinch sprinkle herbs in humanities stew
to loop confused these headless bumper car mindsets that differ mindlessly
Rise above the low life's who strive to feast on the plight of mankind
Abstract declines it all
Monumental acts spearheaded by false facts
Massly initial but only solo beneficial
Kill vastly across these thoughts caught up in the nets of our cerebral
caught in the nets of our cerebral

(Chorus) Of all the words of tongue and pen
the saddest are these that might have been x8