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Artist: Mortisabstract
Album:  Level With Me
Song:   Look No More
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V1: My caliber holster's in orifice the bad mouth
anchor ventures spout towards opposing blood pumper muscle
Misleading stout grey delay honesty hustle's out
Ground grammar null and void instoid embarrassment
Tackle cattle pusher hounds to my amusement game
Nab a drab louse ampling toxin
With a locked in locksmith neutering keyhole deposits on a rocket cockpit tic-tocking
Down side the turnips erupt the butting heads
A cotton fit not barley
Cherokee head dress down to chest and moccasin sole
Goal, drowning the devil in a knee length of stomps
prompts spiritual attack on hack to lack joy
Ionics my bond ironically spawn boy from sperm marathon in stadium womb
Cradle the brainchild wool coverings his comfort
days ahead of slumber, first warnings, cane to steady lower numb'er
This poems organically groan
Dome supplements to gnome

(Chorus) I am in blood
stepping in it so far that should I look no more? Should I look no more? x4
(underneath) The hooks, the hooks, the hooks of tranquility dig deep within my peace here. x4

V2: I'm returning were as tedious be stiff adore
Of one ill comes many misfortunes to any diss
swimming with marine percoid dorsal fin blenny fish
I fear explanations explanatory of things explained, ay?
Well what's to reasoning the things reasonably reasonable for no reasonless reason itself?
Keep your face to the sunshine and you can't see the shadow
A Helen Keller quote that ended on a bad note
I applaud those that kill rats by burning down their own house
Acclamations to pounce on stupidity
resulting in a homeless pity
Pavement tops highest pros
hillside journey alone
Tinkle bone when chomps close on metal line
Webster spine thick of vocab to clap define
Pining mathematics past the two if I had a pair
The quadratic significants pertains to my life square