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Artist: Mortisabstract
Album:  Level With Me
Song:   Insomnia
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V1: I cant seem to dip deep in a pool of dreams
An incessant duel of dams and streams
6 degrees between me and wonderland
Eyelids bolted shut but pupils still on pan
Nothing else but ponder creation
A thousand and one basis conjured by sleep deprivation
Why O why is this crickets friction twig legs keeping me up?
Forcing the east and west edge of my pillow against this mug to plug
like burning lights shinning in eyes with your lids cut off
Im never a pagan pacing and chatter til Polly Grip
Mimicking maydays mission to the milky way playing lactose intolerant
While the flood grows up vertically
Youre chained to a cactus trying to stay dry
Look up to the sky and see Billy hand cuffed to a kite
Some guys get all the luck
Reaching for nothing
butting heads with a buck, kid
Wanting something someone else was entrusted with
I start my own flood
repelling chunky discharge from my lips
Throwing up a flux of lost spirits
Theyre morbid culpable
custody of revenge
Pending replies of those in tuned to elusive spooks rude and angry
That no one showed them salvation spearheaded by manger baby
How many compliments does it take to lift a frown?
A kind of down syndrome
propped up on the rocker
Infamous mocker of BLAW-BLAW talker, Slapdash!
Vicadin or the chapel?
Opt for the latter of two addictions
Attention disorder canyon gap deficit
Impartial to dialogue outside the crevice
Potty mouth disperse stipend doses cold
Natural gifts play host to mold
stuffed in the closet pocket of ability
Picturesque this pathetic messy
The eeny-meany-miny-mo approach to course
oppositial static
pragmatic to both HURRAH and CALM
Seeing the bright side of things while sanding off in the shade
Inprint my foot in the clay of painstaking
Coalesce fervid and precise
Splice bees to my honeycomb
Gambling talents pull and shoot
The plates prosperous down the line
Cry splats to an anti-empathic slab of foundation
Tasting the muck of experiences weve walked on passed
A lass residue on the sole of shoe
peruse delusion
Whos to sooth my contusion?
Prove zero to be the moody barrens deeds
Glaring me when I condone charity
I sweep off the porch and bring the leaves back to the trees
In a literal sense, it makes none but think beyond a rubex cubex thought box set con
I water the plant in me
Embark on embracing catalogue eternity tasting a race formless
Smell the dill weeds
Keep seeps from acid plop atop dreams
with lips a grip anxiety and brimstone
Pelted ego plethora of bore head trophies hung
High and mightys murk intake to charcoal the lung
Insert cancer glances which appears to be unsung
Punk oracle
Help the waddle up on toes
Riddle me lines of disgust
Knuckle heads is what Im dealing with
Count the holes in the ceiling fist busts
Level with the modern day epiphany ME
I take a stroll down the doll western parts of gray matter
Call out through the desolate dwellings of all who pitter-patter
The mad hatter
Rescuing innocence down the hatches of slapdash
Transcend to lay pains in starving artist
the empty cartridge
My girlfriend mood swings me a couple of black eyes sometimes
then the regretful kisses after cryin
Lying in park shadows on top of sheets
Watching my Tasmanian angel sleep
Picture perfect of my certain certains Im nursing
Her, wanting to pull the plug on my compulsive flirting
Whats wrong with a couple of complimental tries to someone in need of lies
By the way, unfrank and countless
Profound meets dumbfounded with sharp pains up the anis
The intellectual wink and force the dumb to explain it
Patterns of male magnet pulling played out
due to stupor lab rats that cant hack a come on
or let alone decode it
cause in this game
Only the perceptive get promoted
While the hesitant become sediments of the clones who foreboded
Stones cackle at the guilty in mid air thrown by sinless
This never happened before people started asking forgiveness
Just to chuck pebbles that the misfortunate tortoises
But remember
All tortoises go to heaven
because they take time to learn why theyre running before they finish the race
Good night