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Artist: Mortisabstract f/ 202
Album:  Level With Me
Song:   Drive
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(Chorus) How we drivin' in this life full of strife curves
Might swerve
Motives and ambition take a turn for the worst
Rubberneckers watch yours

Mortisabstract: Yo, I fly the coop elude dreaded blues of the boob-tube
I live in my civic and it ports me to dreams of intrinsic things
See my car's a safe haven from 80 sinister thoughts a day
Don't let dishonesty steer the wheel
Peeling out with doubt
led by simpleton's navigation
Their puny prerogatives off a bit
Off center
Off to litter lectures out of automobiles they use as lecterns
You shine little light with your first quarter moon crescent
Me and 202 beam with crazy sunshine mentality on fallacy vamps, man
Be careful of what you're driven by
heed all yellow signs
before your carriage morphs to pumpkin
Some are driven by assumption
Some are driven by their hunger
Some are driven by the need
Some are driven by the seed
Some are driven, some are not
Some live just to stop traffic
Just (just) honk!


202: Driven with the force of two monsoons
My ambition gets visions in the suns light
and stay bright like a full moon
Cut through motorists' by the billions
Unmoved us two
Are forced to pull you
Road signs are clear but do not see through
I live a little different weather you're gettin' it
'cause times are short for what we fight for
Trust slow
bust and grow
But before I go
"oh no" I don't take directions from lost souls
Blind leading the blind with white poles
By far mine is nascar
yeah bro
I drive bro
deep rooted where I'm moving like I'm on some hydro's
let's go