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Artist: Mortisabstract
Album:  Level With Me
Song:   Curse Poetics
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Linguistically informed to flip scripts upon the norm
My pen dorms ink to leek paragraphs parallel to blue line slabs pattern
A coke infested nasal hazels a drab slattern
Thus filter grace to saturate a place void
Results bloom a rich tubular florets discoid
I stand flat in a wackness of that
murky black lung alack
and plant my harvest in a grass-plot of tarnish
Indicative mandingo lingo is bingo to garnish
My God guards this
shallow frame dipped in variables of pain
Think not of your self worth is others opinion
cause this gormless minuet seed sprouts doubt
but the narrow path is Christ spouts stout
The dynamics of turbine spins divine
As you ignore a sign
of colloquial eloquence's gradual decline
Disperse phonetics to curse poetics
Comprehension of stick metal kinetic gaze
differs with tonetic phrase
I says a long song to ping-pong the pendulum cortex
That makes b-boys flex a breakin' muscle or two
As this emcees verbal decrees
 perplex the next crew
DJ's spin the one's and two's to prove swift
and krylon bombers tag upon commerce with phat tips
and Christ as the 5th element to hold it as one