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Artist: Mortisabstract
Album:  Level With Me
Song:   Claustrophobic
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V1: With trama, I become Curiosity
Pondering why incidences are called incidences when I'm predestined to learn this lesson of fences
A closeness I'm not comfortable with
even towards greetings of pretense
I can't help but listen to this cat on my shoulder chanting "Everyone you'll meet will hurt you"
So ten paces back I meander
with my hands cocked loaded with rolling eyes
Looking down and up long enough to have sized up the concrete and the sun
Stubborness is a GLUE on my hands
and I guess I gotta stick to my guns
Banter laughing sassy cats jack-hammer chatter under my skin deep
and cocky 'meows' fill my short sleep
I can't get close to people so I alter the steeple
Kneeling on my sweety bed
trying to pen point this organism that built this fense
It's gotten to the point where conversation...
Well, what's conversation?
Just ammo for others to use in opportune situations
It's not true
but that's what the cat taught me
Silence alotted
 me this curiosity
Down the social latter a low rung
All this caused by when the cat got my tongue
Questions boil up inside of me with no dialogue to vocally splat--this nag
got me to the point where Curiosity killed the cat.

(Chorus) I can't seem to get close to you
It isn't you
it's me.
It's like
Back up off'a me
Back... up off'a me.

With death I become breath
Best know for the head-stone that read
"We're two opposite side magnets and can't be forced to mesh"
This fense dense between me and others
A deep fear I don't parade but smuther
Pacing circles in the turminal turnstyle of approach
I wanna say hi but I back away moaning
The inebitable decision to walk away dipped in yellow coating
An outcome characterized by forboding
Fear and loathing
A dread of rejection type sting
The Labor in Vain resulting EMPTY
Stand offish in posh poses fools no one with a phobia caused by being dumped
A massive hump evolves in stature
I saw my target but with a glued jaw
faught the boost
The Masked Avenger having a tenure in Recluse

(Chorus) I can't seem to get close to you
It isn't you
it's me.
It's like
Back up off'a me
Back... up off'a me

This fense got me on the outside looking in
I'm not physical for a couple of insecure reasons:
Rejection-- Hurt-- gossip--inept person
Longing for that closeness
the groseness.... OH THIS?!?
When will the phobia of gropia end?
The effects of these problematic tree branches has an origin within the bark
The real reason for my claustral cover hovers over intimacy
Knowing my wife has to deal with this issue for as long as we both shall live
She'll be the only person who will know what this concern is
Unyeilding ceilings lessen space in which to stretch
Claustrophob adopts Vertigo
passes out "well, what do you know"
A defense mechonism in-leu of reaction
Paranoid from a touch twitchin' inner sides
Collide once again with a pen for definition
I peak over the fense once in a while and then I'm stiff
I love the people I know
But love the people I don't know even more(?)
Never get close enough to smell the perfume
'cause my
 moto is: What you don't know can't hurt you
So I sit here with my snug of mean mugs
Unwilling, spilling my guts
Strolling in the forest of HUSH-HUSH
Tilting the log to EXPOSE THE BUGS
In accuality
all I yearn for is a HUG