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Artist: Mortisabstract
Album:  Level With Me
Song:   After Clap
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Don't fool yourself by thinking you're shrewd
perpetrating with false disguise
First veer humble then you'll become truly wise
Don't fool yourself

V1: I'm oozing profusely out of the melancholic frames
and giving rise to feedback as they're echoing their joyous strains
With knife I cut malevolence as the anon scenes grew tense
like the simile nail-head appearance of the excrescence
Mankind's hostility lacks appeal
so I give birth to advice to pronounce that your love mst be real
Christ sits at right hand to facilitate creations with philosophic and amorous associations
I want to know all the total souls by algorithm compriser
deem the repetitive calculations used to find the greatest common divisor.


V2: The end times flatten the tenements but sparing the alicyclics to maintain
The compounds with carbon atoms in any type of closed chain
Some want to prevail without celestial help for grim
But to ask Christ for benefits
you first gotta believe in him
In the world I'd like to abate the Bling-Bling mental state
with stints of branched-chain fatty amine of high molecular weight
And the protection of right living on the exterior of my chest plate
I defeat the demonics with signs of "Come Test It"
As I manifest the gospel to transform the agrestic