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Artist: Mopreme f/ 2Pac, Mouse Man
Album:  Evolution of a Thug Life N.I.G.G.A. Vol. 1.1
Song:   N.I.G.G.A. (Berocke Remix)
Typed by: Thommo,

(Tupac, Mouse Man & MopremeTalknig)

Underground railroad niggas
(Niggas, niggas, niggas)
(Mouse Man nigga wassup baby)
(Mouse my nigga wassup?)
(Oh big 'Pac my special nigga you know wassup nigga)
A lot of people want to know
(What's a nigger?)
Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished
Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished
Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished
Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished

(Verse One: Tupac)

Dave Duke sure look cute in that black suit (Oooohhh)
But even cuter behind the barrel of my six shooter
You look worried cause I ain't burried?
Punks leave in a hurry cause I throw flurries makin' motherfuckas, scurry
Come feel the flavour from my single
And brain cell's tingle I'm feelin' stonrger than a fuckin' mad Dingo and uh
How's that for black history?
I stay strapped, and love to jack those that slang that crack misery
Cause bein' a nigga mean's you love niggas
But how could you love niggas if you tryna drug niggas?
You motherfuckas need your cap's peeled
Cause when blacks kill blacks we stay trapped and that's, real
And we don't need no more statistic's
It's time to get more realistic for the young the black and the gifted
And un
Until my people get uplifted
Theres no poppin' shit, just poppin' clip's instead of marchin' we gon' rip
Some say the Government'll watch me
But they can't stop me
I'm droppin' evil with the people as my posse
Ha (Yeah)
And even if they pull they trigger
They can shoot one man
But nothin' gonna stop the plan of true niggas


Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished
(Yeah, niggas)
Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished
(Can't fuck with us, Niggas)
Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished
(Tell 'em to come the fuck on)
Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished
(Scared bitch motherfuckas)
Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished
(Yeah, niggas)
Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished
(Fuck them skinhead ass niggas)}
Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished
(Nigga fuck the police, and the clan, here's what we do to the motherfuckin'
Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished

(Verse Two: Mouse Man)

I'm pullin' my gat on suckers like that
Give me that white hood
My niggas is strapped, wearin' black rollin' phat
I wish you would
With beam's on target can't dodge it don't flinch and inch (nigga)
Nobody move, nobody gets hurt shot up or lynched
Me if I'm dreamin' fed's are schemin' on me
Plus the Devils got a shevil and it's beamin' on me
I tried to make the system work for me
Some say why bother?
I gotta make it that way, so they don't take it away from me partner
When I was younger ran wild as a kid my neighbour won the lottery
I planned a robbery I sure did
I pull out my gat for no reason it's jackin' season leavin' a scene with all
the green rackin' more than even
I'm the quicker nigga uppercut a sucker
The Railroad's live on the jack move you better back off smooth
Nothin' can save ya' from the vap's I'm makin' pap's now
Relocation and I'm stationed in the Oaktown
And you can be a nigga too if you try
Some look at me strange, shake they head and ask why
Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished
Niggas be proud and sing this song like a songstress


I don't know why niggas love be called niggas
I say, I don't wanna be called nigga they call me nigga I shoot yo'
I try to kill yo' ass up
If it was called nigga out here I call 'em a nigga
But any other way, I ain't no nigga
Fuck what you heard
Back in the day you could get away with that shit but uh
Now I'm tryna, you know what I'm sayin'
(You ignorant that what it is, you just ignorant)
(Ignorant motherfucker you ignorant)

(Verse Three: Mopreme)

Ignorant not so give a shock to your brain
I'm doin' thing's most niggas my age can't fade
But if you think about it
Maybe they could growin' up like me
Held down in the hood
'92 niggas bankin' on shit they can't see
Uh uh
In 1967 niggas still wasn't free
So when I came here I had to learn the ropes
Put my pants to the side, slipped on my loc's
I stepped out into the world that's new to me
I tried to make myself true, to my history
But fuck it
Cause I'ma nigga that's makin' much leeway despite the trap's
And the punk bitch
He'll say the Underground Railroad's strong as hell
With the help of some brother who won't let me fail
So we keep on strivin'
With the title that was forced
But don't trip
Courage, strength and pride wasn't lost
So if they call you one
Please don't get offended
Even thought offence, is what the kid intended
We are from a long line of true motherfuckas
So knuckle up and let 'em know you always throw down for your brothers
They your niggas

(Chorus x8)

We dedicate this to the real niggas
(Real niggas)
Not niggas like Ice Burg Slim and the Pimp Ass motherfuckas
But real niggas like Geronimo Pratt, Assata Shakur, Mutulu Shakur
Real niggas
(Like Fred Hampton)
Real niggas
Like Mark Clarke
Real niggas
(Like Malcolm X)
Real niggas
Like Harriet Tubman
Real niggas
Like Sista Souljah
Real niggas
Like The Underground Railroad
(You know it)
Yeah y'all better watch out for these motherfuckas
(You better knuckle up)
Cause we ain't gonna be dressin' and tryna rob you
We gonna be buyin' your motherfuckin' houses
(Worth fuck that shit duke)
You gonna be sittin' in next to me in First Class motherfucka
A young 20 old, young black entrepreneur
I'm legit, so you can't tell me shit